Mona Godfrey

Meet the instructor

Mona Godfrey teaches Vinyasa (flow), in which postures are mindfully synchronized to the breath in order to form a continuous and smooth flow. Although Vinyasa has many meanings, when broken down, the root “nyasa” in Sanskrit denotes “to place” while the “vi” denotes “in a special way.” Mona believes Vinyasa's strength is rooted in this idea of attentive awareness.

Mona was born in Riga, Latvia, and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. In her teens, she and her family moved to Orange, California, where Mona turned to dance and athletics for refuge. Initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, she attended classes sporadically to improve flexibility and strength. Her relationship with yoga shifted when she developed a consistent practice at an authentic studio. It was there that she began to explore the idea of deepening her practice and perhaps one day teaching.

Today Mona is trained under the guidance of Diana Pipaloff at Yoga Shakti Studio in Irvine, California. She attends continuing education workshops and study groups, and is devoted to the on-going learning experience of being teacher and practitioner. Mona teaches at various studios in Orange County and is the studio director for The Yoga Mat in Orange and Anaheim, California.

She is dedicated to living her yoga with passion, and to teaching with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga.

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Set Your Intention

Set your intention and practice sticking with it! The nature of the mind is to wander; many times we have hardly moved through one Sun Salutation and already we have lost our intention (Sankalpa). With reminders...

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Core Awakening

This quick class will challenge your core and your balance. Eagle crunches on the ground will prepare you for standing Eagle Pose. "Tree Side Plank" will set the stage for standing Tree Pose. Strengthen and stabilize in this...

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Power Up Monday Practice

Get the blood flowing in this quick class (less than 30 minutes!). Start your day with sun salutations and core work. This is the perfect way to wake up and set the tone for your day, especially on mornings when you need a...

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  • Mona Godfrey
Warrior I Pose

Strengthens core and opens muscles of the hips and shoulders.Prenatal Benefits:Help strengthen your joints and improve your balance, Eases back pain and sciatica and help to build confidence as you head towards labor and...

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Camel Pose

Opens chest and front of the body to improve posture

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  • Mona Godfrey
Peacock Pose

Increases strength and balance.