Amanda Botur

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Amanda Botur is a dynamic healer and teacher with a mission to create space for her students to find freedom and resonance in their bodies and lives. She teaches Prana Flow, Pre-Natal and Mommy+Me yoga. She is a singer and musician, and practices Bhakti yoga in the form of Kirtan and devotional singing. Through her writing, music, individual and group classes, Amanda uses an integrative approach that combines wisdom, knowledge and kindness to form deep connections with her students.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Amanda received her undergraduate degree in fine arts from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. She is trained as a classical homeopath and holds a master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Amanda has spent the last 20 years in dedicated studies with various revered healers and teachers. Her life and teachings have been greatly and superbly influenced by Dr. Paula Bromberg, Shiva Rea and Sally Kempton along with every teacher and student she has shared the mat with.

Her diverse background, in-depth studies and keen ability to read how energy flows through the body and the room help her to guide students and the collective group into their own unique and collective experience.

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Moon Salutation Flow

Enjoy practicing Moon Salutations with Amanda in this soothing, meditative flow. Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) are the calming counterpart to energizing Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). This is a wonderful class to do...

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Yoga for PMS

Amanda Botur has created a class to help you prepare for the hormonal shifts and rising emotions that may occur in the days leading up to your period. Practice being gentle and loving with yourself as you find a pause and...

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Meditation to Relax & De-Stress

Worries, be gone! Using a special Mantra, you will recenter and realign with this short, guided meditation. Primal and powerful, the "Mah" tone invoked will invite divine protection and compassion. This "rescue meditation,"...

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  • Amanda Botur
Extended Puppy Pose • Uttana Shishosana

Great for stress while stretching the spine an shoulders.

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Corpse Pose • Savasana

Deeply relaxing and calms the brain. Can help to relieve stress and mild depression. Great for headaches, fatigue and insomnia. Lowers blood pressure.