Bea Whitton is a Jackson Hole, Wyoming based Yoga teacher. Her passion for fitness, wellness and a holistic lifestyle began while living in New York City. During this time she received her 200 hr yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida Studio.

Bea also received an additional 100 hours of yoga training, studying under Yogrishi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, India. Bea left behind New York City life and moved to Wyoming in early 2016, relocating to an outdoor-focused, healthy environment where she feels her interests and passions are best suited.

Bea has a consistent home practice and tries to meditate daily. A certified indoor cycling and megaformer instructor, Bea feels it is important to diversify one's athletic pursuits and move the body differently. She loves incorporating a focused and aware mind-body connection in all aspects of life.

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Yoga Sculpt Full Body Exhaust

Focusing on the whole, you'll exhaust all the major muscle groups of the entire body with a blend of power yoga and light weights. Double time - you'll move through shapes twice to bring muscles to their threshold and let...

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Yoga Sculpt Lower Body Burn

Focus on the large muscle groups of the lower body. This class will tone your glutes, psoas, hamstrings, and quads. Both isometric movements and exhaustions of the muscle will help to trigger and work these areas of the...

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Yoga Sculpt for Your Core

Ignite the inner fire of your core and focus on the middle body space in this Yoga Sculpt class. Mixing cardio burst and strength training with light weights, you'll target the core space muscles. Take these cardio bursts at...

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