Bea started to build a practice, attending yoga classes religiously. She was amazed at the effects the practice had on her body and daily life. For years she had been drawn to lots of different athletic endeavors and modalities, but this was the first time she had found something that allowed her to simultaneously move and exercise her body while also clearing her mind. She found that mindfulness on the mat started to transcend into her day-to-day life. She felt more selfless, calm, and centered. After this epiphany, Bea knew she was destined to teach.

She earned her certification in Vinyasa yoga at Yoga Vida Studio in Manhattan and gained a few years of experience teaching. Drawn deeper, she traveled to Rishikesh, India, to live and study at an Ashram. There she studied with Guru Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-Ji) and accumulated 100 hours of yoga training. Studying with a well-regarded Indian Guru and learning the authentic teachings in the birthplace of yoga was especially gratifying for Bea. Though she is a teacher, she reminds herself daily, she is always a student, and likes to attend at least two to three yoga classes per week taught by other instructors, constantly looking for ways to grow and learn.

Bea has a consistent home practice and tries to meditate daily. A certified indoor cycling and megaformer instructor, Bea feels it is important to diversify one's athletic pursuits and move the body differently. She loves incorporating a focused and aware mind-body connection in all aspects of life.

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Yoga Sculpt Cardio Burst

This high intensity workout features anaerobic intervals that will spike your heart-rate and put your muscles to work.

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Yoga Sculpt Basics

Tone, sculpt and target different muscle groups through cardio busts, resistance training, and Vinyasa flow.

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  • Bea Whitton
  • 29
Yoga Sculpt Flow

Yoga Sculpt Flow is an introductory class to the sculpt practice; class incorporates aspects of vinyasa flow, power yoga, cardio bursts, as well as interval training. You will begin class with a dynamic warm up before moving...

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