Sam Breschi is a movement artist offering classes in the spirit of Prana Flow, a style of yoga asana created by his root teacher, Shiva Rea of the Global School of Living Yoga. As a young man, Sam played football and other team sports, until discovering yoga at the age of 22. Already devoted to the body through years of rigorous athletic training, Sam applied his dedication to learning the yoga postures, and quickly discovered the limitless potential of yoga to conduct not only sheer physical power with exquisite grace, but also to channel subtle embodied awareness with surprising potency. It is this pairing of power and subtlety which Sam aspires to impart to his student-friends in his yoga classes.

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Learn to Fly: AcroYoga 101

Let Catherine and Sam guide you in this introduction to AcroYoga. Grab a partner and your mat to enjoy this safe and playful instructional class! 

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