Reach Your Highest Potential

All yoga practices ultimately engage the movement of Prana – the innate life force within and around us. The ancient yogis discovered that Prana could be further subdivided into energetic components they called Vayus (winds). The five Vayus of Prana all have subtle yet distinct energetic qualities, including specific functions and directions of flow. In this Kundalini class, you will work to balance the two main Vayus, Prana-Vayu and Apana-Vayu. We need a mix of these energies at the Anahata (Heart Chakra) in order to reach our highest potential. Prana-Vayu is our expansive, upward flowing energy while Apana-Vayu is our downward flowing energy. When our Prana and Apana energy is balanced, we cultivate radiance (inner and outer) and strengthen the central nervous system. Use this Kundalini set to optimize oxygen flow to the brain, body, and glands. If you feel nauseous or have a metallic taste in your mouth throughout this class, you very may be detoxing. Sarah reminds us that we need to detox, not just food, but also strong emotions, experiences and memories: "Let this energy and any emotions come up and wash over you," she says. Balance your energy, detox, and open yourself to higher possibilities with Sarah Kline.

In Kundalini, there is a traditional opening chant, known as the "Adi Mantra." The Adi Mantra is said to protect us and also connect us to the "golden chain" of Kundalini teachers and students who have come before us. There are many ways to translate it, but one is, “I bow to the All-That-Is. I bow to the Divine Wisdom within myself.”

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Repeat the Adi Mantra aloud for a total of three times before starting your practice and then also to close your practice. This mantra refines the energy around and within us. As noted by Elizabeth Gurmukh in a Spirit Voyage blog post a few years ago, “Make it a point next time to really listen to your own voice as you chant, to understand that by doing so you are ‘tuning in’ to a particular frequency where the deepest understanding of Kundalini Kriya and meditation has been coded so that we might benefit most profoundly from this practice.” At the close of your practice, you will say the mantra:

Sat Nam

This mantra translates to "True Name" or "Truth is my name. By chanting “Sat Nam” or meditating upon it with your breath, you call into your awareness the state of the vibration of truth.