• Health + Happiness Meditation

    Worries, be gone! In this short meditation, you will use mantra, breath, and the bandhas to create calm and serenity. By...

  • Yoga Therapy for the Hip

    Learn about the form and function of the hip joint; this informative class addresses some of the most common hip issues that...

  • Dancer Flow

    Start with Sun Salutations to warm up for this advanced level class. A series of standing splits, low lunges, and warrior...

  • Set Your Intention

    Set your intention and practice sticking with it! The nature of the mind is to wander; many times we have hardly moved...

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Quick Hip Release

This short sequence taught by Grace Dubery is the flow she relies on when she doesn't have very much time. While the focus of this short class is hip openers, it also includes backbends and twists to boost energy and to...

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Heart Openers & Headstands

Refine your transitions as you flow through standing poses, backbends, and inversions. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) will be your peak posture. Your breath and presence is required!

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Explore Koundinyasana II

Make sure to have two yoga blocks on hand as you try Koundinyasana Variation II with Grace Dubery. With a thorough standing series, Grace gives you plenty of time to warm up for your peak posture. Enjoy this explorative...

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Explore Koundinyasana I

Explore a fun and challenging arm balance with Grace: Koundinyasana Variation I. You will warm up the wrists and do lots of twisting poses to prepare for Koundinyasana.

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Get Playful + Powerful

Come to the mat for this well-rounded flow designed for intermediate students. In this 45 minute class, you will strengthen your body and refine your practice through core work and balancing poses. Play with props and work...

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Get Hip to Twist

In this fun, intermediate level class, you will do lots of twists and hip openers with some bind work as well. Grace's creative sequencing will take you into the hips, progressively deeper twists, and finally, more advanced...

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Get Inverted

Explore headstands and handstands with Grace Dubery in this intermediate-level class. With props and attention to alignment, class begins on the mat with precise core and leg work that will set the foundation for your...

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Hip Openers and Headstands

This steady, strong flow will release tension from the hips and preapre you to explore fun variations of headstand. 

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Where Strength Meets Grace

Grace leads a creative flow of twist and shoulder openers preparing the body for forearm balance.

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The Art of Breath and Movement

Twist and balance with radiance. We challenging you to stay engaged through your core while linking your breath with your movement.

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Get Hip with it

Grace in yoga comes from refined body alignment. Use props to tap into the muscles needed to contain and square your hips in common postures.

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Detox and Detach

Empower your entire being with this detoxifying flow that incorporates twists and balancing postures.

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Better than Chocolate

Awaken to your radiance as you flow through standing postures, quad openers and backbends in this perfect pick-me-up class.

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