Meditation: Achieve a State of Equanimity

A tendency of human nature is to gravitate towards pleasure and to avoid discomfort. Our propensity to give in to cravings and to resist unpleasantness creates a climate within us that is reactive. As we develop our discriminating awareness (the ability to see things clearly), we can begin to establish ourselves in a state of equanimity or "evenness of mind." By achieving a state of equanimity we can create space around the pleasures and pains in our life so that we are non-reactive and simply observing. When we are non-reactive we are afforded the opportunity to remain in our center, untouched and unmoved by the constant change within and around us. From this place of neutrality we can accept what is and abide in an even mind. Repeat the mantra Sat Chit Ananda (truth, consciousness, bliss) and achieve a state of equanimity with Adi.