Summer Solstice Yoga

Summer Solstice Yoga

Countdown for a Lighter & Brighter Summer

  • Grace Dubery
  • 60
  • Intermediate
  • refine
Strength and Grace

Balance with grace in this flow of twists and shoulder openers to prepare the body for forearm balance.

Salute the Sun

Prepare for summer solstice with this gentle but challenging Prana Flow full of sun salutations and poses to open the side body.

Surf the Vinyasa Wave

Play around with creative sun salutations, standing posture variations, backbends and arm balances.

  • Sara Clark
  • 26
  • Intermediate
  • detox
Twist it Out

Elongate the spine and release any heavy burdens from spring through deep twists.

Revitalizing Flow

Greet the dawn with Neesha's vitalizing go-to sequence and move deeply into the entire body.

  • Sarah Kline
  • 60
  • Intermediate
  • Sculpt

Release the Power Within

This class moves through a challenging, standing posture sequence and builds to headstand and shoulder stand to unleash the potential energy within you.

  • Mona Godfrey
  • 59
  • Intermediate
  • restore

Summer Serenity

Enjoy the stillness of your practice and the beauty in each breath.

Face the Light

A dynamic practice with Adi that incorporates standing and balancing poses. Soar into Bird of Paradise and face the light.

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