Prenatal Yoga

Fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga

Ground & Connect During Your Journey to Motherhood

Prana Flow for Fertility

Enjoy this beautiful Prana Flow class sequenced to promote fertility.

Light Practice for Reproductive Health

This class focuses on eagle pose which increases blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Modify Your Practice

In this keystone class, Amanda shares modifications that will make any of our classes accessible to you, ensuring that both and baby are safe and comfortable.

2nd Trimester: Work your Balance

Explore standing poses to build strength and practice balance in your second trimester.

2nd Trimester: Enhance your Stance

This quick series of standing poses will make you feel confident in your foundation and will tone the legs for labor.

2nd Trimester: Gentle Backbends

Join Amanda as she leads you through safe and gentle backbends to keep you feeling open as your baby grows.

2nd Trimester: Create Space

Amanda has created a short series of backbends and yogic squats specific to the second trimester. Let this light practice energize you!

3rd Trimester: Find Softness and Strength

With a focus on strengthening and softening the outer and inner body, this sequence will help you feel more confident and at ease.

3rd Trimester: Maintain Fluidity in Your Body

This light practice is designed to relieve stress and discomfort in your changing body.

3rd Trimester: Melt Resistence with Breath

Use the breath to melt resistance in the body and see where you are holding tension. Through deep hip openers and lunges you will create space as well as strength.

3rd Trimester: Soothe Your Lower Back

Soothe an aching back and stretch tight hips in this short practice.

Postartum: Get Your Body Back

Improve your sense of well-being as you "get your body back" in this postpartum class designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, reduce any back pain, and improve circulation.

Postpartum: Love your Hips

This short practice focuses on postures to open the hips in order to improve the circulation in the sacroiliac region

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