Holistic Weight Loss

30-Minute Holistic Weight Loss Series

Four Classes to Awaken Your Vitality & Confidence

  • Adi Amar
  • 31
  • Intermediate
Lower Body Conditioning

Focus on the major muscles in the lower body to build a strong base. Ground down in your practice to rise up in your life.

  • Neesha Zollinger
  • 33
  • Intermediate
  • Sculpt

Full Body Conditioning

This vigorous practice will help you tune into your best self. Let go of the physical and emotional weight that you are shouldering and tone all over in this full body flow.

Kundalini Conditioning

Release negative emotions and extra pounds through Kriyas and Mantra. Awaken the rising Kundalini spiritual energy inside of you to truly activate your potential.

Power Conditioning

Increase your stamina and bring a heightened sense of purpose to your life. Tap into your internal power in this fast-paced Vinyasa class.

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