With New Year Resolutions Come Rituals

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 … 


Counting down to midnight, champagne toasts, and metallic shades of silver and gold have all become linked with our idea of a New Year’s celebration. Celebrated across most of the world, New Year’s Eve is one of the largest worldwide holidays. But, have you set your mind on a resolution? Another integral part of New Year’s traditions in the West.


What do you wish to manifest this year? 

What intentions will you set? 

What are your resolutions?


With every new year that closes, there is also a time for reflection. We invite ourselves to review what might have changed in our lives, reflect on what we’ve loved and what we haven’t, or initiate a shift where we feel we need to be healthier, happier, or more relaxed. Whatever it might be, because really it can be anything, it can feel easy to compartmentalize or create a list of these resolutions we have for our lives, or maybe it doesn’t feel so easy.


First things first.

Define your resolution and why you want to adjust your life to make space for this thing, quality, or habit.


Take a moment to notice the body you are in. Notice if you are sitting and feel what your body is touching. Notice if you are standing, and feel your limbs stacking, supporting you as a whole. Feel your surroundings. Notice if you are in a building, and sense the walls around you. Notice if you are outdoors. Heighten your awareness to the elements. Notice the quality of your breath. Notice the temperature of air on your skin. Notice the muscles of your face and soften them.


Give yourself the space, content as you are, to allow a resolution, or two, or three, to surface.


And just notice what comes to mind, not allowing judgment to enter your field of feeling. Take what comes to you and zoom out to the big picture. Make your resolution potent. Focus the energy into a one to three word exclamation. Let the feeling of this resolution (maybe abundance, love, health, wellness) sink into your body.


Flash forward to New Years Eve.


Imagine you’ve held your resolutions through the past 365 days, give or take.


And just notice what comes to mind, again, not allowing judgment to enter your field of feeling. Take this projection into the future, having held your resolutions for 2018, and consider what you need in your life to manifest the intention behind your resolutions.


Be real. What do you need to do for your resolution to integrate with your day-to-day life? No, really. What would actually need to happen for your resolution to be a part of your reality?


Many resolutions require a change in your behavior, routine, or to view broadly, your life. Changing your daily habits is no simple task. We are pulled to our places of comfort, familiarity, and known routine. Shifts in our routine take time to curate and dedication to follow through on.


Start by recognizing that you are everything and have everything you need. You are a beautifully intelligent creature who is part of a magnificent web of life on Earth. Let that be enough.


Maybe the above sounds too mystical … You tell me… Just know and accept that you, exactly as you are in this moment, are everything you need to be. You don’t need to become something. You just need to be, exist, and love in the present moment.


With that being said, we strive to better ourselves in our conscious society. To create a new habit is to ritualize this intended new part of your life whether it’s a daily practice of gratitude, doing yoga a few times a week, or incorporating tongue scraping into your dental hygiene routine.


It takes work to turn a resolution into a ritual, to manifest your intention. So, be easy on yourself and love the process of creating more beauty in your life.


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