10 Tips for Spiritual Spring Cleaning

  • Kristen Ruby
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So you've purged your closets, vacuumed your car, and have stocked the fridge with healthy eats. Now it's time to air out your psyche and give yourself a spiritual cleanse. Practice these 10 tricks and put a polish on your inner world.

1. Stop asking for permission. You don’t need to ask for permission to follow your life’s calling. Just start. Now.

2. Pace yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day, people! Whether you are focusing on your career or raising a family, don't put undue pressure on yourself. After all, perfection is a fool's errand and you can only eat an elephant one bite at time (you can thank my mother for those wise words). Take a deep breath, queue up a yoga video, and remind yourself that there is always tomorrow.

3. No is a complete sentence. You don’t need to make yourself so flexible that you lose yourself in the process. Setting boundaries is okay (and healthy!). Turning someone down may feel hard but the more you respect yourself and prioritize self-care,  the more others will learn to respect your limits.

4. Take a mini spiritual “vacation.” Spend a weekend with your loved ones and with the people who spiritually fill you up. Indulge in small luxuries; pamper yourself with a healthy meal, make time for reflection, and book your favorite yoga class.

5. Take time for yourself. Whether it is on your yoga mat, a walk in nature, or a bath, take a minute to stop and think about all of the things you are grateful for. You can write down your top 10 list every morning as an uplifting daily practice.

6. Practice HALT. Are you hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Before you act out, practice discriminating awareness and breathe into the feelings that arise. Ask yourself, what do I need to support myself right now? How can I care for myself like I would a dear friend? Then decide what your spirit is really calling for – is it meditation, yoga, healthy food, a hug, sleep? Let your heart lead you to the answer.

7. Recharge on weekends. You work hard all week. Give yourself at least 48 hours to readjust, spend time with family, and recharge your energetic batteries. There is a high probability of burnout if you burn the candle at both ends. You may not believe it, but you deserve 48 hours to yourself to practice self-care and to rest before you take on Monday.

8. Reconnect. Developing a relationship with a divine source of light, or adopting some form of spiritual practice that resonates with you will help you get through tough times. Consistent meditation is calming and helps you tune into your highest self. When you are discouraged or depleted, lovingly tune into yourself. 

9. Detox. Get rid of the toxic energy and people that you may have accrued from winter (or even further back in your past). What and who is no longer serving you? Take inventory of all of the relationships in your life and evaluate what is working. If a relationship is no longer in alignment with your highest self, release it with love and build new relationships with people that can support your journey into ascension.

10. Own it. Most importantly, realize, you DESERVE to feel good. Your opinion counts, and you are a person worthy of love. People treat you the way that you treat yourself. You need to teach them how to treat you again, but most importantly, you have to start treating yourself well again. It's your birthright.

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