The Dog Days of Summer: How to Get the Most out of This Precious Season

  • Jennifer Coulombe
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Why is it that the summer season flies by so fast? Between work, planned vacations and the kids’ busy activity schedule, Labor Day will be here before we know it! Take ownership of each of your summer days, so when September hits, you’ll feel that this summer was your best yet! Here are some tips from Kundalini Yoga and personal experience:

  • Set a firm foundation – Feel more rooted and in control during this season by trying a yoga set from Kundalini yoga, called Foundation for Infinity. This series works on the root chakra, which represents qualities of feeling grounded and centered. When we create a safe foundation, we can approach life with a greater sense of control and a calmer, more present mind to balance our summer plans.

  • Balance between scheduling and free spirit – It is easy to overschedule in the summer. Instead of having a set plan for each weekend or evening after work, find that healthy balance between making plans and allowing yourself to wander, enjoy and cherish these long days with no fixed plans. Ask yourself whether every plan you make this summer is something that you really want to do or feel obligated to do. Allow space for creativity, relaxation and contemplation to feel more balanced.

  • Take vacation days – Do not ever leave vacation days on the table. American workers let an average of five vacation days go unused each year, according to It is only mid-July, so yes, there’s still much time to use up those vacation days before year’s end, but we know how fast time flies. Plan a last minute day trip to relax at the beach, hike that nearby trail you’ve been wanting to try, or splurge on a day of pampering to recharge. Your body, mind (and boss) will thank you when you return to work even more energized and productive.

  • Personal meditation practice – I recently had the pleasure of hearing the amazing Marianne Williamson speak in New York City. She recommended that even five minutes each morning to connect with the higher powers and energy of the universe can have profound effects on keeping balanced and calm. My favorite resource for Kundalini yoga meditations continues to be Spirit Voyage’s free global meditations; the current meditation focuses on invoking the inner light within.

What are your plans to find balance this summer? Please share with us in the comments section below!

Jennifer Coulombe, MBA, recently left her full time job to be true to herself and live out her destiny. A certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and new entrepreneur working on launching her first company, Sat Nam babe, a socially conscious line of leisure wear for our littlest babes under age five, Jen can also be found braving the New York City streets by bike, hanging out in her Brooklyn neighborhood and daydreaming about her next spontaneous travel adventure. If you liked her article, be sure to read her other articles: Kundalini Yoga: 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Practice, Summer Solstice: How to Mindfully Spend the Longest Day of the Year, Energizing Breathing Exercises to Conquer Your Day, and 5 Tips to Find Balance at Work.

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