The Best Yoga Poses for Gemini Season

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The Solar Cycles of June

Gemini Season: We start off June in the last of three spring solar seasons. With the sun buzzing brightly in a sign he loves, Gemini, the first 20 days of the month will be filled with light-hearted notes of communicating and gathering. Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury, gives us a bit more information about what the tone of the bubbling energy is all about. For the first few days of June, Mercury will be in the value loving sign of Taurus, wanting us to find more information and ideas that infuse our lives with value and pleasure. As we move along to the the 6th, Mercury will catch up to the sun and its home sign of Gemini. This will put us into turbo-power mode as we start busily pollinating our ideas and new spring initiatives, gathering information and connections, as well as finding a deeper connection to community and a sense of belonging.

Cancer Season: On the 21st, at one of our four important cardinal and seasonal points of the year, summer solstice, the sun moves into the first of three summer seasons. Cancer Season kicks us off into the summer cycle of growth, romance, and excitement with her mood setting powers. We will find more vitality to nurture ourselves and others, to generate more safety, soft spaces, and protection in our lives, as we gestate and prepare to birth creative works into the world, next season. Cancer is one of our initiator signs, so we may find more energy to start new things that will serve as our important projects throughout the summer months.

With this season and sign ruled by the moon, our fastest moving cosmic body (changing signs every 2.5 days), our moods and the universal mood could feel like it shifts nearly every day. Things may feel a touch irrational at times, but the moon’s full tour of the zodiac during Cancer Season can also bring much illumination about the year ahead and boost your intuition and ability to relate with others of every sign.

The Lunar Cycles of June

Virgo 1st Quarter Moon to Sagittarius Full Moon: As we enter June, our first day brings our first quarter moon in Virgo. Our first week leading up to the full moon will be our most fun and excitement filled. As we reach the Sagittarius full moon early on the morning of the 9th, we will become more conscious of the outer world and how we relate to others. This broader perspective gives us new ways of viewing what we’ve been doing and helps to inform us through its full illumination, showing us how to tweak things to be more viable and beautiful. In Sagittarius, the full moon will amplify our ability to find expansion into life and the world and to see our lives from a visionary, 10,000-foot view.

Pisces Last Quarter moon to Cancer New Moon: June 17th brings us our last quarter moon, a time when we see things play out in very public and observed ways. It’s a good time to trim fat but also a time to watch for public quarrels and accidents in the world at large. Or new lunar cycle starts on the evening of June 23rd in the sign of Cancer. New moons bring a cycle of fresh starts and a time to find clarity through alone time and clearing any old clutter away. New intentions form and we connect with very personal passion. In Cancer, this will come in the form of how to better create roots and safety in our lives.

June Yoga Homework

As we experience a lot of Gemini energy in the cosmos this month, really honing in on our shoulders and arms (where our body breaks into two), can help us integrate or inner twins: our yin and yang halves. Puppy Pose is a great one to get a good shoulder stretch going, and I also like a twist that strongly incorporates the arms such as Revolved Crescent Lunge.

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Creating lifestyle magic with our stars, this is what CosmoMuse passionately pursues. There is infinite inspiration available through astrology to inform our lives and we think this is a fantastic way to add intention and playfulness to ‘lifestyle’. Going far and beyond the Sun sign horoscope (although we do provide this coveted tradition on our horoscope page), what most people don’t realize is that we all contain aspects of each sign in our astrological makeup. We hope to show and collaborate with others in an experiment on how to use the energy and patterns of our cosmos, to our advantage, with fun and style. Living in season with the planets is actual magic!