The Best Way to Start the Day: Finding Inspiration in Child’s Pose

  • Carrie Severson
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It’s still dark out. I open my front door and inhale the brand new morning. I pause to reflect on all the possibilities that could show up on my path and change my life before the next morning. Exhale.

Wiggle my toes, feel my thighs, yawn, chest rise, arms high and exhale again.

I grab my journal and get cozy in my meditation chair. And my surrendering process begins.

As a personal essayist, I’m open to sharing the lessons I learn along my journey. I came to terms with my life being creative content to use through my communication gift years ago. I learned how to step into my gift as a storyteller and surrender to the power that comes with sharing my stories through my meditation practice.

Each morning I journal. I let my thoughts stream out onto paper without judgment. I collect affirmations, intentions, action items I’m dedicated to accomplishing that day and whatever else comes to mind.

The thoughts that usually spill out into my journal each morning are story ideas. My stories. The things that I’ve learned from, and could turn into an essay, usually show up on the pages of my journal each morning.

My mind swims with stories ideas, creative content, daily tasks and responsibilities.

Storytelling is a tool I use as a way to grow as a woman. I face fears and process in stories. And I do what I can to show others how to do the same.

Stepping into a story with the courage to share it can be emotional. It happens to me even after nearly 20 years of being a published writer. I see it happen to clients of mine who just starting to share stories.

Storytelling doesn’t just happen on media outlets. We tell stories all the time, all day long. We tell stories in personal conversations with family and friends. And sometimes, we hide in those conversations not quite ready to share what’s on our hearts and what’s calling our souls to share.

I’ve learned how to step into my stories with the help of Child’s Pose and other meditation tools.

Child’s Pose taught me how to be comfortable with a peaceful mind. When my mind calms down and I can think clearly, I’m able to share more authentically.

Child’s Pose is my first step in my writing preparation.

I get into position on the floor, stretched out.

I inhale and allow my body to start adjusting itself.

My hips, back, chest, arms, belly and mind all react.




I allow my body to move through this pose and adjust until my mind, hips, heart and belly reach a peaceful, united space.

I inhale once more and roll out of it.

My seated meditation practice begins after I surrender in Child’s Pose.

I focus on a spot several feet in front of me and I focus on my breath, allowing my body to buzz with fresh energy. I smile and sigh. My mind is getting clearer with each inhale and exhale.

The fear of stepping into any story fades when I stop to surrender. I can easily see my way through a lesson I feel called to share.

Child’s Pose is my trusted friend and it’s always there to help me surrender. 

Carrie Severson is an entrepreneur and storyteller on a mission to train business leaders how to step into their stories and share their lessons. She writes about love, men, health, burnout, harmony and purpose for national women’s media outlets. She can often times be found on a stage sharing her experience as a storyteller and as a recovered burnout. You can always find her at