Seasonal Skincare: Fall in Love With Taking Care of Yourself

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Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Roy’s love affair with skin care and all things beautiful started at a very young age. Having struggled with acne and other maladies since age 10, she educated herself early on about healing inflammatory conditions from the inside out. After receiving her license in Esthiology in 2006, Hayley delved into the skincare industry with a love for holistic health care, a need for constant education/growth, and most importantly, an open heart. Based in Los Angeles, she treats clients from all parts of the country using solely green beauty products and striving to educate on sustainable, eco-conscious choices. Hayley also co-founded Skin Food Talk, a conversation on how to get glowing from the inside out, with her business partner and friend, holistic nutritionist Tara Curran. We sat down with Hayley to find out how we can do best by our skin this fall. Read our Q + A to hear what she has to say!

YogaToday: Now that we are transitioning into fall, what are some best holistic practices for your skin?

Hayley Roy: Regardless of how many times we experience seasonal change and how drastic they may feel in different regions, they can also feel like they happen out of nowhere. Plan ahead and start adjusting your routines to be conducive to weather change. Up your wellness formula and try to get extra sleep. A little self care and planning will help boost your immunity, so your skin will be able to combat environmental season changes that can lead to inflammation or stress.

YT: How important is it to switch your skincare once a season?

HR: It’s really important to remember that our skin is always evolving with our environment and does a great job protecting us. After the heat and sun of the summer months, it can feel really good to switch up your skincare from lightweight to more repairing. Also, as a holistic esthetician, I know that ingredients change seasonally with natural skincare. If something doesn’t feel quite the same anymore, it just could mean that the ingredients have changed slightly in their composition. Just like we eat different seasonal foods, our skincare ingredients will change too. There is this great green beauty brand called De Mamiel that even does a seasonal product. Their autumn serum is on my list of must haves!

YT: Why is yoga something you recommend for better skin?

HR: Yoga is a practice that is anchored by the ability to breathe. When I first started doing yoga many aspects of my health improved, but my skin was absolutely radiant. Getting proper oxygen flow helps kill off the anaerobic bacteria that causes acne. Any continual flushing of the lymphatic system helps keep circulation going so your skin is its healthiest. Plus, skin is only going to reflect imbalances that are going on within and since yoga is so good for mind, body and spirit - the results are usually a glow!

YT: Favorite mantra for people who are insecure about their current skin state?

HR: The way I see it is we are never in a permanent state. Everything is a flow which can be such a relief when you’re not in the best health state. I like to teach my clients to wash their face with love and repeat to themselves whatever they need to hear to keep their hopes up. I love telling myself , “My skin works hard for me and I am beautiful.” Our skin knows when we’re angry at it, and it’s important to cocoon ourselves with love when it feels attacked.

YT: Any tips for how to stay on top of your skincare?

HR: Similar to a yoga practice, sometimes the smallest step is all you need. Simplicity is key to keeping up a routine. I take really long and deep breaths when I am doing my skincare. It’s my “me” time and even if it’s just for two minutes in the morning and at night, it calms me, makes me feel beautiful, and I never regret it. I deserve at least that and so does everyone. It’s important to reconnect with your breath and fall back in love with taking care of yourself.