Push Past Fear by Taking Action

  • Anna Gannon
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My parents brought me up to believe I could be anything I wanted to be. So it's no big surprise that I grew up to be a yoga instructor – something that became my dream in my twenties and has continued to be my passion. What is surprising is that I didn’t give up, which is something I have watched many of my peers do throughout the years.

Throughout those years, I have noticed one big difference between the people that have succeeded and the people that haven't and that’s their ability to push past fear.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am terrified of failing, especially at something that I love like guiding yoga. The difference between me and some of my peers is that my passion will outrun my fear every time. With all passion comes a fear of failure, but the good news is that you can overcome that fear with one simple mantra: take action.

Action outruns fear. Every time you decide to do the thing you fear most, you are a step closer to eliminating your fear. For example, it took me teaching at least 100 yoga classes before I didn’t have a mini panic attack on the way to teach. It took me teaching 200 yoga classes before I said to myself, “I think I can do this,” and it took me teaching 500 before I said to myself, “I can do this.”

There were so many days when I wanted to run the other way, and if I'm being honest there still are. I have days when I feel like a total failure when it comes to my career, and there are days when I feel amazing and confident. But in the end I have trained myself to understand that when I have a bad day, it's just one day. It will pass and more will come.

So whether you are an inspiring yoga guide or just someone who has a passion, but feels held back from their own fear, I invite you to start taking small actions. Every action you take leads you closer to your passion, closer to that thing you just can't live without doing.

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Photography by Ana Schechter for Well Rounded NY

Anna Gannon is a seasoned NYC yoga guide known for her well-rounded, fun, yet challenging style. Anna was a presenter at the 2014 Yoga Journal LIVE Event and the 2015 ECA Fitness Event. She also works as the Community & Social Media Lead at Expectful, a company with a groundbreaking meditation program for pregnancy and parenthood. Anna is a new mom who's passionate about helping other new moms find the tools they need to create a wellness routine that fits their lifestyle.

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