On My Mat with Sara Clark

  • Brit Hastings
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Sara Clark is a yoga instructor based in New York who took her first teacher training in 2010 for the love of the practice. She never planned on leaving the media business to become the talk-of-the-town (okay, city) teacher that she is today. When you meet Sara, however, it is hard to imagine her doing anything else; she is truly gifted. Determined not just to instruct the physical practice but to help her students feel empowered to change their minds (and lives) for the better, Sara’s classes are infused with intention and mindfulness. She is about integrity, empowerment – and a fun-loving attitude at the same time.

From her radiant smile to her genuine awe of the world around her, meet Manhattan’s darling instructor on her mat:

Name: Sara

Why yoga? Yoga changes lives, and you can do it anywhere! One of my teachers said, “In the beginning you do yoga because it feels good. Over time, yoga begins to do you.” I never thought I’d become a full-time yoga teacher. I never thought I’d travel to India and fall in love with the country. I never thought I’d want to meditate for 10 days straight or practice mindfulness techniques. I never thought I’d be able to balance on my forearms or hands, and I never thought I’d be filmed for YogaToday. The question really is, why not yoga?

Favorite style: Vinyasa flow will always be my first love; however, I enjoy taking classes that are completely different than my own as it provides an excellent opportunity to learn other forms of the same discipline.

Go-to outfit: Stretch with a little flow is my go to! Even my non-yoga clothes have to allow me enough stretch to break out an impromptu yoga pose if needed!

Successful classes: Showing up and providing space for students to move and feel and breathe is a success in and of itself. A highlight of this was teaching 1,000 yogis in Bryant Park in New York City this summer for Yoga Journal. It was epic, the crowd was diverse, and I left feeling inspired.

Greatest challenge: Having faith that I have given my students enough tools in class to support them outside of class.

Tunes that help me find my flow: I am always discovering new artists. In this moment, I am enjoying good vibes from artists like LanksMovementJames Blake and Little Dragon.

Yoga has taught me: To listen. To truly take time to tune in and be with myself trusting that there is invaluable wisdom that exists within; wisdom that has my best interest at heart that I can trust to guide me on this journey called life.

Alignment tip that changed my practice: My hands were too far apart while working on handstands. A teacher pointed this out and after I brought my hands underneath my shoulders, not only did the discomfort in my shoulders subside, my handstands were strong and stable. It’s awesome how a slight adjustment can completely change a pose.

Pre-class fuel: Anything light and hearty such as almonds, a banana or sunflower butter on brown rice cakes.

Inspiration: Travel is a passion of mine, and I am working towards taking my teaching abroad. Seeing yoga teachers who are already doing this reminds me that yes, my desires are reasonable and very possible.

Current mantra: Om Ritam Namah: My intentions and desires are directly connected to universal intelligence.