On My Mat with Mona Lisa Godfrey

  • Brit Hastings
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Born in Latvia, Mona grew up in Stockholm, Sweden until her teens when her family moved to the U.S. and where Mona first discovered yoga. Initially drawn to the physical aspect yoga, Mona began to practice yoga consistently to help her heal from a car accident. With a combination of injuries – which she says were asking her to be more grounded – Mona stumbled upon the magical subtleties of yoga. What was meant to be nothing more than a personal immersion morphed into a new path for her life. Read more about Mona Lisa here.

Name: Mona Lisa … Godfrey

Why yoga? Why does a seed sprout?

Favorite style: My favorite style varies. Lately, in my personal practice I’ve been exploring Yoga Nidra and enjoying it.

Go-to outfit: Due to my nomadic ways during the last few years, I might be the worst dressed yoga teacher e v e r (thankfully they dress me on YogaToday). I know there are so many cute styles and brands out there. I just haven’t tapped into that world. On the daily, at best, I manage to find pants that don’t have a hole somewhere.

Successful classes: The ones that balance and heal.

Greatest challenge: My greatest challenge is my mind … undoing the programming.

Tunes that help me find my flow: Music is my first love, but for my own personal practice, I prefer silence. When teaching, I try to stick with music that doesn't take away from the breath. Right now I love playing Jirí Mazánek's "Meditace s údem".

Yoga has taught me: To trust myself.

Alignment tip that changed my practice: Close your eyes.

Post-class fuel: Nature smoothie with organic sprinkles and raw magic followed by a cappuccino with extra foam.

Inspiration: Reading “The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak on my daily commute this week. I’ve found it to be rather beautiful and touching.

Current mantra: Do the best you can.