​On My Mat with Grace Dubery: Global Citizen, Ambassador, and Instructor

  • Brit Hastings
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Grace Dubery is a global citizen: born and raised in Lisbon, she now resides in New York City but spends much of her time traveling in pursuit of her passion projects. McGill University originally brought Grace to Canada back in 2002 when she began her studies and started her yoga practice. Grace took her first class more than 13 years ago and has never looked back. Today, Grace is an ambassador for Lolë Women and a lead instructor for the Lolë White Tour – an international event that brings together thousands of people for uplifting yoga classes dedicated to peace. Grace is also a dedicated philanthropist; she has volunteered in South Africa with Off The Mat Into The World and in Kenya with the African Yoga Project to bring yoga to impoverished places and to promote community development. In this way we have been "graced" to welcome Grace as a new instructor. An embodiment of her namesake in more ways than one, Grace exudes elegance, poise, and refinement. We were therefore heartened to learn and share more about our favorite petite Portuguese teacher.

Name: Grace

Why yoga? I have never assessed this from a rational approach. The first class I ever took (at McGill in 2002) got me. It transformed me. Actually, it didn’t transform, it simply brought out the very best me. And that’s the one I want around. After that, yoga was always in my life.

Favorite style:  Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Go-to outfit: Full length leggings and a comfortable convertible top. I really like the Lolë Seamless and White by Lolë collections.

Successful classes: Any class where I am fully present and fully connected to myself and to those around me.

Greatest challenge: In practice, getting over myself and whatever narrative I brought to my mat.

Tunes that help me find my flow:  Ludovico Einaudi and Jon Hopkins.

Yoga has taught me: Nothing is insurmountable.

Alignment tip that changed my practice: Understanding that Tadasana (Mountain Pose) is in EVERY pose. It’s the blueprint.

Post-class fuel: I love watermelon juice to quench my thirst. I could eat anything after class so I have to be prepared! If I am good, lots of grains and veggies.

Inspiration: A new student to yoga is my inspiration. Witnessing their vulnerability, awe, and transformation moves me beyond words and to watch someone practice with deep acceptance is beautifully inspiring.

Current mantra: Breathe.

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