On My Mat with Adi Amar

  • Brit Hastings
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Adi Amar took her first Yoga class in 1994 which ultimately led her to pursue the practice as her life's work. She completed her first formal training in 2001 and began teaching Yoga immediately thereafter. Adi co-founded the Teton Yoga Shala in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2005 where she offers regular instruction, teacher trainings, and guest teacher workshops. Adi was initially inspired by the healing power of Yoga and remains committed to sharing the wisdom of this ancient practice.

Name: Adi

Why yoga? Yoga saved my life. It helped me make meaning of my internal pain and chaos and has taught me that every moment is a choice to hold on to the negative patterns that cause unnecessary suffering or choose to let go and focus on the positive with gratitude.

Favorite style: Intelligent Alignment Specific Flow.

Go-to outfit: Whatever is clean! I did love wearing Kira Grace apparel when we filmed the Renewal Series, however. So flattering! And great colors.

Greatest challenge: Not getting caught in my self-limiting beliefs.

Tunes that help me find my flow: Krishna Das.

Yoga has taught me: To not be so critical.

Alignment tip that changed my practice: The alignment of the pose reflects the alignment of the mind. Watch for aggression or force in the body that creates unnecessary dis-ease in the mind and body. RELAX, RELAX, RELAX : Relax the intensity of your effort and ultimately, effort less.

Post-class fuel: Banana.

Inspiration: "You have to do the work to get the pay" (Rumi).

Current mantra: "So Ham" ("I am that, that I am"). Try a meditation that incorporates the "So Ham" mantra here.

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