Meditation & Mindfulness Kundalini Retreat

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Meditation & Mindfulness Kundalini Retreat

Where Science Meets Ancient Wisdom


“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” —Albert Einstein


There is nothing more powerful than coming together with two women who have dedicated themselves to the study of the body, mind, and spirit. Join YogaToday teacher and mental health practitioner, Sarah Kline, and clinical psychologist Heleniq Argyrou for a weekend retreat full of life, leadership, and love at 3 Spear Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming this October. Discover the power of Kundalini Brain and life-changing habits with a full itinerary dedicated to rhythm yoga and meditation.


Retreat Dates

October 5 - October 7, 2018

To Book:

Call 3 Spear Ranch at 307-690-5588 or email [email protected]

*Please bring your yoga mat, snacks, drum, and a sacred object or offering for sharing. Space is limited so please register soon.


Drum Dakini: A Female Messenger of Wisdom



LIFE Friday, October 5th

5:45pm: Introduction to the Weekend: Schedule, Our Intention, Logistics, 3 Spear Ranch with Sascha

6:45-7:30pm: Light Dinner

7:30-9pm: Women’s Wisdom Circle & Dakini Meditation


LEADERSHIP Saturday, October 6th

7-8:30am: Brain Yoga with Rythm

8:30am: Breakfast

9:15-11am: Tuning into Higher Density

11:30am-1pm: Women’s Wisdom Circle

1-3pm: Lunch, Rest around the Ranch

3-4:45pm: Trance Flow States

6:15-7:15pm: Dinner

7:15pm: Sufi Essence Dance Meditation


LOVE Sunday, October 7th

7-8:30am: Yoga Sacred Space

8:30am: Breakfast

9:15-11am: Dreamself Dakini Visioning

1-1:30pm: Women’s Wisdom Circle

2pm: Checkout


Your Destination

3 Spear Ranch, Dubois, WY

*BYO Food, Shared Cabins Available


Your Teachers + Guides

Sarah Kline

Sarah Kline teaches a blend of Hatha Yoga integrating Kripalu, Ashtanga and Kundalini into her practice. She believes in the invigorating power that yoga offers the mind, body and spirit. Sarah views life as dynamic and believes that the key is to stay flexible. She is focused on caring for the human body as well as attending to relationships that support our lives. For Sarah, becoming flexible mentally and physically begins on her yoga mat.

Sarah’s favorite pose is Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward facing bow pose). Regular practice of this pose keeps the body supple and creates a feeling of vitality and lightness, stimulating the adrenal glands and thus increasing one’s willpower and capacity to bear stress.

Heleniq Argyrou

Heleniq Argyrou, M.A. is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential. She is a clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator. Beyond her unique style of self-development, she provides revolutionary, non-invasive programs and has presented her work in 12 countries where her international repute is informed by numerous collaborations. Heleniq offers retreats on the beautiful island of Cyprus and intensive online programs that integrate ancient wisdom and neuroscience to actualise higher states. Based in neuroscience her techniques actualise highest brain potential and are universal pathways to create and master the new ‘flow state’ of peak performance.


Join Sarah Kline on your mat from anywhere, anytime.
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