Kundalini Yoga 101: 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Practice

  • Jennifer Coulombe
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    “The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them.” – Yogi Bhajan

    Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness, which allows us to awaken to our full potential and to be true to ourselves through a series of physical movements, meditation, breathing and mantra. It is a very powerful (if lesser known) form of yoga and can generate results very quickly. For this reason, I have put together my top tips to help guide you on the path to living your fullest and most present life. Read my list to prepare yourself for Kundalini class.

      Here Are Five Tips to Jumpstart Your Kundalini Yoga Experience:

      1. Sit Still

      Perhaps you have a current meditation practice or maybe you have no idea where to start. Spirit Voyage offers frequent step-by-step guided meditation practices, allowing you to instantly feel part of a community and connected to fellow yogis all over the world. Their current 40-day Global Sadhana is a meditation for the compassionate heart.

      2. Start Small 

      You can try Kundalini in the comfort of your own home. For an authentic Kundalini Yoga experience with a dose of humor and flair, check out Guru Jagat’s Rama-TV. If you want to test out one or two classes, there is a nominal one-off, pay-per-class option, as well as a monthly membership option. And of course, you can always try a light practice or full class on YogaToday with Sarah Kline. Your first 14 days are free!

      3. Listen Carefully

      Start filling your iTunes or Spotify playlists with some of the music that is regularly played during Kundalini Yoga classes; you will quickly become hooked! Some musicians to get you in the Kundalini Yoga music groove include Snatam Kaur, Ajeet Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh, Krishna Das and Gurunam Singh. YogaToday also has a Spotify account with a few Kundalini tracks.

      4. Do Your Homework

      Spend some time on www.3HO.org, which has a wealth of information on Kundalini Yoga; explore terms like “chakra” and “pranayam” and learn about Yogi Bhajan, the teacher who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in the late 1960s. While on the site, make sure to get your free numerology reading, which can help you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses and how to best work with them in your life.

      5. Get to Class

      There is nothing like attending an in-person Kundalini Yoga class to feel the group energy. See if your local yoga studio offers a Kundalini Yoga class. If you are visiting Kundalini hot spots like New York or California, there are great options such as Golden Bridge Yoga, with studios in Manhattan and Santa Monica. There are also incredible Kundalini Yoga and Music Festivals such as Sat Nam Fest (next one is coming up in August in the Berkshires!) which is appropriate for both first timers and seasoned yogis.


      Do what you can, but challenge yourself. Yogi Bhajan said that we have to keep up to be kept up!

      Don’t expect to learn everything about Kundalini Yoga in one sitting; it truly is a lifelong learning experience. Keep it simple and enjoy the mysteriousness and beauty of the practice.

      There are thousands of meditations and Kriyas (Kundalini Yoga exercises), so if you’re just starting out, try a minimum of three classes as each class is so different.

      Sat nam (as a greeting or as a closing to a practicing, saying “Sat Nam” is a bit like saying “I see your true nature” or “I recognize the divinity within you”)!  So Sat Nam to all of my lovely yogi readers! And of course, I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this article. Whether you are a seasoned Kundalini teacher or new to Kundalini, what resources are you using to further your practice? What have you learned from your Kundalini journey thus far? Share your story in the comments below! 

      Jennifer Coulombe, MBA, recently left her full time job to be true to herself and live out her destiny. A certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and new entrepreneur working on launching her first company, Sat Nam babe, a socially conscious line of leisure wear for our littlest babes under age five, Jen can also be found braving the New York City streets by bike, hanging out in her Brooklyn neighborhood and daydreaming about her next spontaneous travel adventure. If you liked her article, be sure to read her other articles: The Dog Days of Summer: How to get the Most out of this Precious SeasonSummer Solstice: How to Mindfully Spend the Longest Day of the Year, Energizing Breathing Exercises to Conquer Your Day, and 5 Tips to Find Balance at Work.

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