In the Stars: Your July Horoscope

  • Brit Hastings
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July Mantra: Life is nurturing and warm.

The Solar Seasons of July

Cancer Season: We start July off in the nurturing solar season of Cancer. With this representing the sun at its highest and warmest position, we can feel a bit vulnerable. This is where Cancer’s archetype ‘The Crab’ comes in. Seeking refuge from the heat and the sun’s powerful spotlight, many of us will look for safety and security in our homes, hiding out from the sweltering afternoons. As we do this, a focus gets placed on how safe and secure we really are in our lives. Do we have the support and root systems to truly provide safety for ourselves and our loved ones? Depending on priorities and level of personal security, some of us may have the soulfulness and well-nourished roots to think about this for others that just can’t and need a leg up. The moon rules this season and wants us to tap into her cooling and soothing ways, nurturing ourselves so that we can be that way toward others with our tanks filled and cared for.

Leo Season: On the 23rd, we’ll move into mid-summer and the astrological season of Leo. With temperatures having plateaued and days getting slightly shorter, feelings of wanting to take advantage of the summer come on strong. With the sun ruling this season, youthful vitality, recreation, summer love, leisure time, and standing up to the big sunny spotlight have us feeling full of life, courage, and warmth. Be the star of your own life by being present and heartfelt. Show the world your personal style as you grab a bit of the limelight going around, for yourself.

*Side Note: With Mars, our warrior planet, one step ahead of the sun nearly all month, we may have a heightened need to be assertive and charge into new things. This can bring out a testier side in all of us, especially in the feeling and moody season of Cancer. Plan more alone time than usual to get Mars’ ‘Me First’ mentality in check and tended to. Exercise, clean, meditate, and scream into pillows to help this fire-y planet along. Mars wants to clear out anything in his way as he strives for new starts, new discoveries, first place, and simplistic clarity. This is great for really seeing with bright eyes this month, but this planet will fire at anyone and anything in his path. If you are feeling extra touchy or testy before any social engagements, you may want to think about barricading yourself in, instead. Try to avoid picking fights that you’ll later regret.

July Yoga Homework

July takes us from the astrological season of Cancer to the Astrological season of Leo. In Cancer, our chest is the protective armor we wear, becoming a focus as we feel a strong vulnerability and a need to nurture ourselves. As we move into Leo Season, our hearts take center stage as we find the courage to step into the spotlight with warmth and love. We love Bow Pose for the month of July, helping to open and strengthen both of these target areas. Try this pose each morning as a reminder to nurture and love throughout your day.

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Creating lifestyle magic with our stars, this is what CosmoMuse passionately pursues. There is infinite inspiration available through astrology to inform our lives and we think this is a fantastic way to add intention and playfulness to ‘lifestyle’. Going far and beyond the Sun sign horoscope (although we do provide this coveted tradition on our horoscope page), what most people don’t realize is that we all contain aspects of each sign in our astrological makeup. We hope to show and collaborate with others in an experiment on how to use the energy and patterns of our cosmos, to our advantage, with fun and style. Living in season with the planets is actual magic!