In the Stars: Your December Horoscope

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A month of seeking & aiming. As December starts out we’ve just had our Sagittarius new moon, and with it, fresh energy has started to seep into our lives around our beliefs, where we want to expand in our lives, and how that might broaden our horizons and perspectives. Big ideas and grand philosophical musings are all around us as we plant seeds of intention for our most epic goals of the year — ideas that, if tended to, will alter our world views and expansive reach when Gemini Season commences in six months.

As our zodiac seasons and seasons on earth are a reflection of each other, we’ve now entered our darkest month in the Northern Hemisphere when the nights outweigh the days and will be growing darker and darker until Winter Solstice on the 21st. Just as this month marks our wintery cold moon, the sun in Sagittarius marks a cosmic need for hope and blind faith. This season is the most optimistic of the zodiac and it’s no accident. Ruling over the darkest time of year also means it’s the closest season to dawn (or winter solstice; the shift to our days growing in length). There is a feeling of having to seek and broaden our perspectives in order to climb back toward a crack of light. Shooting for the stars, thinking big, and cultivating belief and optimism are the tasks of our first three weeks of December. Once we hit Winter Solstice, Capricorn Season takes hold of the reigns and we can now see the outlines of the peaks and valleys we’ve been blindly navigating. This season will help us set our sights on a distant height and walk, step-by-step, with dedication and singular focus to get to it. It’s the season of achieving and climbing the ladders of success. It marks the highest point in our zodiac and rules reputation, acclaim and glory. With the holidays and New Year, we can celebrate our accomplishments of the past year and set our sight on new, tough terrain to master. 

The Moon Cycles & Seasonal Shift:

The vibrant full moon in Gemini (a super moon) on the 13th is a beautiful one. In Gemini, connectivity and communication reach deep fulfillment in our lives, marking the end of a cycle as our efforts around information gathering, community engagement, and general promotion started in the summer months. With Jupiter involved with this lunar event, our seasonal ruler gifts this full moon visionary and exuberant qualities. It would be an amazing night to host a holiday gathering. It’s a Tuesday night, but all the makings for goodwill and bubbly communication are there. Mercury stations retrograde on the 17th so a little warning that the energies are much better for holiday purchasing earlier this month. The 26th hosts the Capricorn new moon making it the ideal timing to initiate goals around finding more authority and expertise in something that you may feel insecure about or lacking in.

With both Sagittarius Season’s ruler (Jupiter) and Capricorn Season’s ruler (Saturn) heavily entangled and active this month, both seasons will have similar themes weaving through them. Sagittarius Season’s typically overreaching ways will be tinged with a need to be responsible and focused. Focused Capricorn Season will come in with more optimism and expansive structural visions than usual. 

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Yoga Homework: Sagittarius Season rules our hips and thighs and is expansive in nature. I love Crescent Lunge and Extended Side Angle pose during this season, opening up to the universe and faith while also working and stretching those saddle bags. As we move into Capricorn Season on the 21st take Crescent Lunge into Low Lunge or Pulsing Lunges to give your knees some good stretching and strengthening as we set out on grand climbs. 


Aries || Aries Rising

Finding More Perspective. As we start the month in Sagittarius Season, it’s a fiery few weeks adding to the fire you already possess. You will love how quickly this will allow you to push forward and be the assertive trail blazer that you are, but a caution has to be thrown your way: TRY to think just a touch before you act. Being the baptism by fire individual that you are, you can have a tendency to get in over your head and Sagittarius energy compounds this trait in you. Be sure you get a few details and some good perspective before taking action in the first half of the month. That being said, it’s a fantastic few weeks to expand your perspective, beliefs, and business operations. Think globally and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. (This shouldn’t be hard for you.) December 1st gets you off to a perfect start to December’s Sagittarius Season as this season’s ruler, Jupiter, will make a gorgeous link to your ruler, Mars, as well as to taskmaster Saturn. To break that down, this day could see you blazing new frontiers with focus and harmony. It’s possible that a partner, business or person could be a lucky charm on this day. The Gemini full moon on the 13th will fall in the area of your chart ruling connections, communications, and promotion. Your community efforts and information gathering around something could be reaching its peak in your life on this day and with expansive Jupiter involved, be sure to get out and socialize. The culmination of your yearly Gemini efforts could end in an epic bang with a grand new connection that was your missing key to getting your words and ideas out to the public. On the 19th a shift in energy will take place as your ruler changes signs. You may feel a need to slow down, dream, and sleep as Pisces and your 12th house take hold of Mar’s energy. As we enter Capricorn Season on the 21st you will start to feel a drive to focus and strive for more success and achievement in your career or aspirations. The 26th will be your day to push hard in this area as the Sun, heading up these efforts, will reach out to your ruler making room for you to take big steps forward in your summiting efforts. It is also the new moon, and big doors could open to you that could see you getting promoted or receiving the recognition you crave by summer.

Best Day: December 31st, your New Year’s Eve is really special this year. With your ruler in a tight smooch with glamorous Neptune, in the glamorous part of your chart, magic and ethereal enchantment is in your stars on this special night.  


Taurus || Taurus Rising

Adventurous Sharing. December starts off in truth seeking Sagittarius Season, and for you, this season also brings up your need to dig into the mysteries in your life. Psychological insight and empowerment followed by transformation come from seeking the world at large. You may view all things taboo and secretive as a grand and exciting adventure. As you share with others from very different backgrounds, dive into philosophical or religious study, travel or think globally around your enterprising ways, the inner secrets of your soul will be unhinged and new awareness helps you find more control in your life. Wherever Sagittarius is in our chart, we can have big eyes and end up getting in over our heads — so watch that you vet those whom you share intimate details and resources with — or at least look before you leap into these shared experiences. December 7th brings a shift into your life as your ruler, Venus, moves into the sign of aloof but friendly Aquarius making career and aspiration a secondary focus for much of the month. You may receive praise at this time from higher powers on those watching from afar around your ability to achieve through originality and forward thinking. The 13th brings our yearly Gemini full moon making it a time that you may feel more value and worth in your life. Tap into feelings of gratitude for your possessions and your sensual connection to nature and earthy rhythms as these will multiply x 100 at this lunar event. On the 21st we move into Capricorn Season and another shift in influence takes place. You move from a need for mystery to a need for seeking the world at large through the authority you possess or aspire to possess. Work on creating expertise in something global in order to feel secure and confident in your philosophical grasp of things and in the world at large. The Capricorn new moon on the 26th will bring opportunity around new connections and a boost in assertive energy. New Year’s Eve is special for you this year as it lights up your house of friends, groups and collaboration in very glamorous and inspiring ways.

Best Day: December 25th, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this will be a very jolly day as your ruler, Venus, is included in the plethora of planets celebrating with good cheer and a giving spirit.


Gemini || Gemini Rising

Optimism in Committed Relationships. Sagittarius Season rules the landscape as we enter December and with it, partnerships, relationships, justice and harmony sweep through your life in the sweetest of ways. This year in particular is blessed for the relationships you have or are drawing into your life. With this season’s ruler transiting through harmonious and relational Libra, sweetness permeates the holiday air. On top of that, Saturn, planet of limitation, stress, and discipline has been in this part of your chart for two years now but the seasonal ruler (and ruler of this part of your chart), Jupiter, is linking up to this planet, allowing for more exploration and optimism to be found in the seriousness and responsibility that you’ve felt in this part of your life. On the upside, Saturn can often indicate serious commitment so the link with Jupiter may nod toward luck and expansion through taking your unity with others seriously. On December 2nd your ruler, Mercury will shift gears as it moves into Capricorn. Sharing, intimacy, and mystery will seep into your life. Because the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, the above themes already discussed will be doubly present but now with allure and sultriness entangled. December 9th is another glittering day for you as Neptune links up to your ruler making your aspirations feel very inspired. Watch for a little step up the ladder of success today. On the 17th, your ruler, Mercury, will station retrograde making the rest of the holiday season one of seeking inward and needing you to slow your typically turbo-powered jet pack down a few notches. New Year’s Eve is a gorgeous one this year with Mars and Neptune uniting to make all of us feel a bit more passionate and glamorous. Many eyes will be on your spiritual authority.

Best Day: December 26th, the Capricorn new moon for the year will be sitting right on top of your ruler making any initiations and fresh opportunity that arrives very personal in nature. Over the next six months, sharing resources, secrets, your body or joining forces with others brings much personal authority.


Cancer || Cancer Rising

Productivity Through Seeking. Adventure, optimism, seeking, philosophy, these are words that one could use to describe your style of day-to-day productivity. Sitting at a desk from 9-5, having the same routine day in and day out, or being stuck in any one place could have you feeling claustrophobic. With Sagittarius ruling the way you like to be useful, busy and productive, travel, abstract thinking, exploration and variety are your friends. With this sign ruling the scenery as we enter December, you will be busier than usual and may have great deadlines and bold, adventurous projects to attend to. With the ruler of Sagittarius Season in the home sector of your chart, harmonious family time fuels your drive to produce. The first quarter moon on the 6th could have you feeling a bit restricted as Saturn, our cosmic life coach, brings some tension to the table, insisting that you put much work and focus into grand visionary plots stirring behind the scenes. Our full moon on the 13th is a lovely one gracing you with much inspiration and moments of psychic insight that could add a culmination to communicative and connected meaning and purpose to your work and spiritual outlook. The last quarter moon on the 20th again holds a tense aspect with Saturn. Action may need to be taken around filtering communications and connections and refining the messages you are putting out. On the 21st, the sun moves into Capricorn and with it Capricorn Season, highlighting relationships and unity in your life. This is an area where you may feel restricted, but this year the stars are aligning for you to have more fun, optimism, and adventure with your one-on-ones. New Year’s Eve is a glamorous night this year with Mars and Neptune mixing things up for a bit of passion and cosmic glitter. Adventure awaits your sign on this night as well.

Best Day: December 26th, the Capricorn new moon is a gorgeous one this year bringing new energy into your relationships, helping you to find more passion and connection with your partners.


Leo || Leo Rising

A Broad Spotlight. We all know Leos love the spotlight and you are in luck as we enter December. Sagittarius Season is the time of year that lets you hog as much of it as you’d like. Your creative style and expression are on display for the world to admire and you will be feeling awfully adventurous and fired up to create and lead the charge into territories unknown. You have an amazing ability to take the lead in the most precarious of circumstances and you may be asked to do just that this season. The unknown and foreign terrain likely feel like an excellent challenge to you. With the ruler of the season in Libra this year, eloquent communication and partnership-type connections will open big doors in your life, bringing opportunity and advancement. December 9th will bring some heavy and large scale responsibilities to your creative efforts, ones that if dealt with in a committed fashion could bring acclaim your way. The 11th is an excellently original day as progressive Uranus reaches out to your rules, allowing you to color, not just outside of the lines, but in new dimensions. Collaboration could bring electric ideas to life. The full moon on the 13th will bring fulfillment and manifesting powers around the groups, friends, collaborations and industries that you get to contribute to. Words and community could be major draws for you as your ideas and ability to connect and gather information adds much to the collective’s forward movement. On the 21st the season shifts with the Winter Solstice and Capricorn takes charge of our cosmic view. Work and busy schedules permeate, and you will hold much responsibility on your shoulders at this time. Productivity and usefulness are your priorities while this sign reigns. The new moon on the 26th is your time to invite new work projects, health initiatives, and daily routine changes into your life. With the sun, your ruler, connected to this event, much focus and personal fulfillment could come from initiations, bringing strong feelings of purpose over the next year.

Best Day: December 30th, lasting through the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Neptune and the sun bless you with vitality and glamour. You have an ethereal and alluring touch that will spark inspiration and intrigue in your wake.


Virgo || Virgo Rising

Family is Where Adventures Lies. Family time and adventures with your nearest and dearest helps you to see the bigger pictures in life. Or maybe you see the world at large as safe and nurturing, feeling at home surrounded by the most foreign of walls. Either way, home, roots, and security are on your mind now as you work tirelessly to create safety and care in your life. Give in to hibernation needs now as self-care will help you nurture the other important supporters around you. Hole up with a good philosophy book or invite others with very different perspectives and backgrounds into your home to tell each other your stories. Watch epic movies, read epic books, and find inspiration in the hero who fights for truth, good, and light. On December 2nd, your ruler, Mercury, will move to a new sign, Capricorn, adding a secondary focus of creativity and leadership to your hand of cards. On the 9th as Neptune reaches out to you, a partner or relationship could flood you with inspiration and creative brilliance. Fights for equality and justice could also see compassionate results. As the 13th approaches, so does the yearly Gemini full moon and your time of the year to summit with applause around your major aspirations since the summer months. Your words, ideas, and community connectivity will be on display with great structure for the powers that be. On the 17th Mercury stations retrograde, so slowing down, looking inward, and stalling forward movement is advised. As we move into Capricorn Season on the 21st, your season to shine will ask you to shine on the inside and feel creative and in charge of your internal affairs rather than glitzing about taking charge of the spotlight in public. With Saturn and Jupiter, our two seasonal rulers this month, entangled in good ways, some softening of tough influences that have reigned over the past two years could occur. Security, home, and family may have felt restricted in your life but optimism will sweep in now as new opportunity through relationships, partners or justice take form adding more value into your security needs. Harmony, romance and dancing with your sweetheart sweep you off your feet on New Year’s Eve.

Best Day: December 26th, the Capricorn new moon is a dramatic one for you this year as your ruler falls inside of its influence. You may personally take the lead in creative projects allowing you to show just how capable as assertive you are over the next year. 


Libra || Libra Rising

Expansive Communications and Connections. You think big, Libra, and with December starting out in Sagittarius Season, you are in your element with plotting the most epic and grand ideas and plans. With Saturn on your side at the moment, having been a bit of a downer on your ability to connect with your immediate community over the past two years, expect faster movement and respect for the ideas, messages, and words you give to the world. On December 7th your ruler, Venus, will move to a new sign, Aquarius, placing a secondary focus on your unique creative expression and progressive leadership ability. Much value can come your way after this date by giving form to your originality. Use your senses to create and truly value your individualistic style. The Gemini full moon on the 13th is filled with expansive and philosophical notes of fulfillment. Grand initiatives made in the summer months may be ripening around this time as words, information, and connections play out to give your life a deeper sense of hope and understanding. With Jupiter in your own sign linking up to this lunation, you could be feeling on top of the world with lucky opportunities knocking down your door that bring much personal gratification. The Capricorn new moon on the 26th highlights new energy and beginnings around home and family needs. By initiating things that have you working toward feeling like an authority or expert in the nurturing, domestic or security fields, any feelings of lack around having roots and safety in life will relax. With Mercury intertwined with this lunar event, connections and ideas will help you move these goals forward. Mars steps in to give you an assertive boost gifting you with bravery over the course of your efforts around these goals and new starts. New Year’s eve is a magical one this year, dancing into our lives just the way we imagine it to be in the movies: sexy, mystical, glamorous — it’s all there.

Best Day: December 25th, Christmas or no Christmas, the spirit of Jolly St. Nick is all around this year. Jupiter, Uranus, Venus (your ruler) and Saturn gather together for much holiday cheer offering you all the gifts they possess — visionary plots, detailed step-by step plans to go along with the plots, collaborative co-operation through broad networks and friendship, and of course value and pleasure. 


Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Expansive Values Bring Worth. We are already into Sagittarius Season as we enter December and new initiatives are just getting underway around this season’s expansive and optimistic aims. With Sagittarius ruling the way you value yourself and your possessions, tokens from around the world may be your go-to budget blowing purchases or be the things you tend to horde or hold onto. Worldly experience, a sensual connection to grand visions and seeking for more meaning help you find your worth. With attention to these things, your self-worth will grow, often reflected by a bump in your income. December 1st gets you off to a good start to the month as one of your rulers networks with both Jupiter and Saturn. Behind the scenes dealings and your values combine into a nourishing fertilization for your roots and security in life. Your home life and family could see a new opportunity bubble up at this time that’s unique and progressive. The yearly communicative Gemini full moon on the 13th falls in your natural house of mystery, regeneration, and power. New information may bubble to the surface bringing a conclusion to resources you’ve been networking to get, or an intimate involvement may finally be better understood igniting transformations or endings. One of your rulers, Mars, shifts into the sign of Pisces on the 19th adding some creative and artistic flair to your leadership style as well as putting you in the spotlight as someone people watch and follow for the remainder of the month. As we move into Capricorn Season on the 21st, busy schedules and lots of connecting, speaking, and writing infiltrate your life. Make connective goals on the 26th as the new moon of this season is especially fortunate for your sign. You are very linear in your thought process and can get the attention of those in authority with ease. Your co-ruler, Mars, angles into the mix of things adding creative fire to your ability to communicate, gather information and promote your ideas over the next year.

Best Day: December 31st, your ruler aligns with magical Neptune on New Year’s Eve making it an especially glimmering affair. Celebrate the close of 2016 and the dawn of 2017 with compassion and assertive power on your side, making resolutions that will take you far in the coming year. 


Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

The Quest IS ON! It’s your personal season of the year, Sagittarius, and as we set out into the grand adventures that December brings your way, we’ve just passed the Sagittarius new moon, giving you a reset for the year. Whatever is initiating or beginning at this time will be directly connected to your agendas and desires over the next year. With your ruler in Libra for most of 2017, these will be graced with a dynamic and elegant flow of beauty and collaboration through friends and relationships. You seek for truth and knowledge having been born in the darkest season of the year. Blind faith can be your saving grace and your down fall, but, nevertheless, it’s your driving virtue. Your optimistic qualities come due to your need for hope as you find orientation from the illumination of the cold moon and the brightest glimmering stars of the year. Aiming for greatness is the thing that gets you through the darkness that you often find yourself navigating, but you adore the challenge of this. Wild and free at heart, you bring wise perspective and epic stories to the rest of us. December 1st starts you off on the right foot in December as your ruler gets golden beams of support from Mars and Saturn. Effortless planning and passionate assertion help you orient your compass right off the bat. The 13th brings our yearly Gemini full moon, opposing your natal sign. This brings the polarity of other into focus as partnerships and relationships blossom with wholeness through communication and fluid ideas. Attending to details together will bring much connectedness. As the sun glides into Capricorn on the 21st, your values and self-worth face a great peak to climb. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is an area where we feel limitation and heavy burden, but by digging in, focusing, and setting your sights on great summits you can become an authority and expert in the areas Capricorn rules — easing the inferiority complex in this area of your life. For you, it’s important to get ahold of your five senses and slow down to find pleasure and form in life. Really understanding what value means in general to you is something that you should work on deeply understanding. With the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, having been in your own sign of Sagittarius for the past two years, you have been asked to focus, be responsible and build with great determination. There is one more year of this influence but this year, Saturn gets linked to your optimistic ruler so more hope and excitement for your efforts will start to percolate. The same goes for the Capricorn part of your chart, with the seasonal ruler getting a boost in morale from your happy-go-lucky planetary ruler, Jupiter. Growth and opportunity come from spreading your wings to bring greater understanding into the way you value the material in life. On the 25th (Christmas for some), this shows up in a big way as Uranus and Venus also enter the mix. Originality and enhanced value bring creative ideas to help boost your big, visionary efforts. New Year’s Eve is very special this year and you may decide to throw a glamorous party in your home, or canoodle with your loved one with a romantic feast for two.

Best Day: December 26th, this is the day that your ruler and Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, make an exact golden angle. So much congeals to bring more ease to your life (compared to the past two years) around your grand visions and your feelings of worth and value. Being the Capricorn new moon, you get a whole year of this beneficial influence — especially whenever initiations from this day are tended to. 


Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Retreating to Recharge Visionary Inspiration. A wee bit of levity should start to enter your life this month, but we’ll get to that in a minute. As we begin in Sagittarius Season, it’s your time of the year to retreat from the world to rest up, receive inspiration from the cosmos and decompress from a full year since your last birthday season. During Sagittarius season, you may thirst for an ashram in India or connect deeply to music, poetry, and film that feels expansive, philosophical, or adventurous. Seeking in your spiritual life will bring much optimism to your reality now. On the 9th the sun will meet up with your ruler in this area of your life. Much vitality and creativity can be sparked from assertively and purposely diving into practices such as art, meditation, or solo yoga. The full moon in Gemini on the 13th gives you a bit of grounding and you may see work and lifestyle efforts reach peak fulfillment now. Something that created a lot of communication, information gathering, and has been tied to production efforts could finally feel like a crossed hurdle. Over the past two years your ruler has been living in this shadow area of your chart making it hard for you to see yourself. You may have been drawn into the arts or institutions, such as government work, or in general a bit lost over the past two years and though there is one more year to go on this thread some fortune strikes soon after we step into your personal season on Winter Solstice. Your energy should pick up a notch, and as the 25th approaches (or Christmas for some), the umph I mentioned in opening will kick in as multiple planets mingle to bring good cheer on this day. Venus and Saturn will provide form and structure making ease and pleasure a natural occurrence and Jupiter and Uranus kick in with lots of originality and progressive optimism. This all leads to an epic moment in your chart as Jupiter and Saturn perfectly align on the 26th — the same day as your personal new moon — and reset for the year. With this aspect sitting in your new moon chart all year (until the next Capricorn new moon), initiations and new energy opening to you around this day will bring much ease and fortune to all the work you’ve been doing behind the scenes for two years. Career and aspirations bring luck and the expansive influence of Jupiter in Libra gives you opportunity to utilize the cosmic information you’ve been gathering.

Best Day: December 31st, New Year’s Eve is a grand one this year. With it falling in your home sign it’s likely to be a celebration you revel in, and this year as Mars and Neptune meet up in your social sector of communication, connecting, and movement, you are likely to have at least one invite to a glamorous affair filled with high spirits. 


Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Friends with Progressive Vision. December starts off with a bang just after our Sagittarius new moon. Friends, groups, and industries will start opening doors to you and your expansive and optimistic ways. As Sagittarius Season progresses, seeking and looking for truth and perspective through groups and collaborative creations brings luck and big opportunities your way — something you will just love. It’s a very buoyant season for you as Sagittarius rules the part of your chart that your sign naturally rules (progressive ideas, friends, groups, humanities). Adventurous others may start to appear, luring you into their philosophical and exploratory worlds. On the 11th your ruler will get a golden ray of light from the sun shining a warming spotlight onto your ideas and things you want to communicate. The group has eyes on you, so show them how bright you really are. The Gemini full moon on the 13th brings a culmination or grand manifesting events around your big questions and seeking in life. Publishing, global enterprise, higher education, religion, philosophy — something in these areas that’s also been tied to lots of communication or words will reach a peak or summit of sorts. On the 21st as we move into Capricorn Season, you will start to slow down and need a bit of a rest. It’s your cyclical turn to recharge before your birthday season comes at the end of January. Music, film, poetry and art are all great avenues for opening up to inspiration for your next year long cycle. Meditation and yoga are also activities to help channel your need for decompression. The 25th (or Christmas, if you celebrate it) will be a grand one this year as your ruler, Uranus, joins a party of other planets who are in good spirits. Creativity, bubbling ideas, future hopes and beauty all swirl around you. Plan something extra special this year for the 25th! The very next day we have our yearly Capricorn new moon — a time to allow the spiritual forces around you to take hold. Soften your boundaries, find compassion for your shortcomings and for others who need a leg up (the charitable spirit of the holiday may speak to you), and watch as artistic inspiration floods your life.

Best Day: December 31st, it’s a New Year’s Eve for the books. With Mars and Neptune entangled on this eve in the area of your chart that knows how to slow down, find value and form, and connect to your senses for more pleasure, you are sure to find delectable foods, great conversation, and glamorous possessions. 


Pisces || Pisces Rising

Big Steps Bring Big Success. We start the month in one of your top seasons of the year, Sagittarius Season. With this time of year ruling your career and the highest part of your chart, people will be watching you — especially those in authority positions. It’s a time of much focus and dedication to an adventurous and expansive aspiration, but by the end of the month, some glory should come your way. Sharing your secrets or personal resources with others could create a new opening to showcase your depth and intensity of talents around your diplomatic and elegant ways with the ruler of the season in Libra and your 8th house of transformation this year. On the 9th, Mercury and your ruling planet, Neptune, will share some information, giving you more access to groups and friends that you feel aligned with. Our yearly Gemini full moon falls on the 13th and with it, fullness could come around a home, family or security matter that have been in the works since summer. This is likely something that’s been connected to much communication, movement, or information gathering. With Jupiter in nice angle to the lunar cycle, grand and expansive roots can be grown now around your ideas and ability to connect with others. As the sun and Season shift on Winter Solstice (the 21st) to Capricorn, groups and friendships become more of a focus in your life. Feeling much responsibility and possibly limitation is often a theme where Capricorn shows up in our charts, but by focusing and dedicating time to networking, friendships and good-will toward humanity, you can turn this around to become an authority in these things. On the 25th, much excitement is in the air as several planets hang twinkle lights and shoot lightheartedly banter around — the holidays will feel lively and merry this year. The new moon on the 26th in Capricorn will bring fresh energy around groups and your future hopes and wishes. Collaboration, progressive ideas, and originality come up for you. Watch where any new initiations take you in six-months’ time.

Best Day: December 30th & 31st, New Year’s Eve and the surrounding days are epic for you this year as your ruler, Neptune, in your own sign, will get a golden beam from the vitality infusing sun in your friends sector. It will also have passionate Mars canoodle up to it. Glamour, passion, friends, and vitality are all there for you to do as you please with. A glorious way to ring in the new year!

Creating lifestyle magic with our stars, this is what CosmoMuse passionately pursues. There is infinite inspiration available through astrology to inform our lives and we think this is a fantastic way to add intention and playfulness to ‘lifestyle’. Going far and beyond the Sun sign horoscope (although we do provide this coveted tradition on our horoscope page), what most people don’t realize is that we all contain aspects of each sign in our astrological makeup. We hope to show and collaborate with others in an experiment on how to use the energy and patterns of our cosmos, to our advantage, with fun and style. Living in season with the planets is actual magic!