In the Stars: Your August Horoscope

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August Mantra: I am stepping into new realms of creativity, leadership & excitement.

The Solar Seasons of August

Leo Season (ends August 22nd): The sign of the sun, creativity, royalty, leadership, and presence is upon us as August rolls in. Summer fun and romantic stirrings are vibing in this sign of mid-summer, but we will soon see that this is no average Leo Season. Eclipse season is just moments away. Twice a year we get a month that holds a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse, both typically falling along a specific axis. This time around, the creative/co-creative Leo-Aquarius axis is in for a shake-up. It’s best to stay flexible and prepared for the unexpected during eclipse seasons. Our first eclipse will fall on August 7th: A Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. On lunar eclipses, the earth blocks the Sun’s rays from bouncing off of the face of the Moon. The Moon, ruling feminine mystique, fades when it’s normally supposed to be at its most illuminated. It’s very common that something yin, emotional, or difficult to see can leave our lives on lunar eclipses. Emotions can feel dark and heavy without the Sun’s light. With this lunar eclipse happening in Aquarius, subjective dealings around friendships, groups, collaboration, humanitarian efforts, future hopes, or scientific dealings could dim in our lives. This will be especially true for all of the fixed or stubborn signs – Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. It’s best to allow some space to make sense of things during this wildcard time. Initiating anything important – signing documents, making large purchases, starting a new business - between the 7th and the end of the month is not advised. Respond, be open to change, and observe. A lot of planets will be moving in and out of retrogrades as well this month, causing some extra confusion and perspective shifts. At the very end of Leo Season, on the 21st, we will have our much anticipated Great American Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. For those of us in the U.S., we can view this in totality along a specific path of the Continental United States. A solar eclipse happens when the sun is blocked in totality by the moon during the daylight hours. It’s often been found that things masculine in nature are due for updates at solar eclipses. Things more linear and assertive tend to fall away, making room for new paths to open. Because the sun in ruled by Leo, the themes of creativity, leadership, and presence are amplified. In review, this eclipse season will subjectively end a phase of group dynamics, making room for new mysteries of co-creation to emerge, and will more overtly end a phase of creative presence, making room for fresh leadership and mature ego development in our lives. Our printed 2017 Seasonal Guide has more on these lunar events, as does our Leo Season Ezine ( Ash Bonelli covers the lunar eclipse & Allie Couch covers the solar eclipse in more detail).

Virgo Season

Virgo season begins on August 22nd. We will be a bit wobbly as we ground into earthy Virgo Season, but Virgo Season is up to the challenge. This time of year is masterful at helping us analyze and get our acts together. Its ruler, Mercury, will be in retrograde for all of Virgo’s days in August, so a lot of introspection is in store: re-thinking, re-processing, and re-vising. Coming off of the eclipses, it seems the universe wants us to take a good inward look to notice how we’ve woven our sense of purpose and use in life. Ask yourself a few of these questions: Is the work I’m doing useful? Do I have purpose in my daily life? Are my routines well and healthy? Are my processes effective? Am I a helpful and thoughtful person? Virgo is all about integrating us to be whole unto ourselves. It’s the last sign and season in the yang half of the year, before the autumn equinox (and the yin half of the year) when we start focusing on others and the outer world, rather than our own selves. It seems many of us will need to do a lot of work this Virgo Season to get to a healthy spot before we take that giant leap into darkening, cooler days.

August Astrological Yoga Homework

During Leo Season (August 1 – 22) pay attention to poses that help your heart expand and your spine strengthen to inspire more creativity and better command. In Virgo Season (August 22-30) add some twisting into your poses to help with digestion and integrating aspects of your body for a more holistic point of view. Yoga poses recommended and demonstrated by CosmoMuse Yogi, Brooke Musat (Photography by Ann Whittaker):

Bound Lord of the Dance Pose builds heat and cultivates stability, all while opening the heart. A healthy tension of foot and arm will inspire length in your spine.

Revolved One-legged Standing Staff Pose builds balance on one leg while twisting through the side body. Connect with the line of energy from root to sky. Sometimes leading isn’t always moving forward rather it is growing just a bit taller.

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Creating lifestyle magic with our stars, this is what CosmoMuse passionately pursues. There is infinite inspiration available through astrology to inform our lives and we think this is a fantastic way to add intention and playfulness to ‘lifestyle’. Going far and beyond the Sun sign horoscope (although we do provide this coveted tradition on our horoscope page), what most people don’t realize is that we all contain aspects of each sign in our astrological makeup. We hope to show and collaborate with others in an experiment on how to use the energy and patterns of our cosmos, to our advantage, with fun and style. Living in season with the planets is actual magic!