In Honor of Mother’s Day: Try Partner Yoga (for Free!) with Your Mom, Daughter, or Loved One

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In honor of Mother's Day, we wanted to gift you something special so we decided to make our newest class release available for free on our blog. This is the perfect class to do as a mother-daughter bonding activity! You'll experience double the relaxation in this short sequence for two! Enjoy this accessible introduction to partner yoga and connect to your breath, your body, and your partner. This is a slower-paced, feel-good class that will leave you feeling content – almost comparable to getting a massage with a friend! Escape for a 'yoga spa day' with instructor Amanda Botur and emerge lighter and refreshed.


Get to know Amanda Botur and explore her prenatal Yoga classes, regular Yoga classes, meditations, and yoga poses for moms, kids, and students of all levels.

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