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It’s that time of year again where the flowers bloom and the sun starts to shine bright again. Most of us get so excited about enjoying the new spring season that we don’t necessarily tune into our bodies to realize the subtle shifts we may need to make in order to acclimate to the environmental changes. As holistic healers, we see this time of year as a great opportunity to tap back into our bodies and do a little spring cleaning. Here are a few ways to adjust to the new season with ease and at no cost to your immunity.

Three Simple Ways to Spring Into a New Season of Sunshine and Self-Care

1. Just like food your skincare should switch seasonally. If you are noticing the produce changing at your local farmer’s market it’s time to also change up your skincare. Winter skincare may feel necessary for places where weather is still fluctuating, but as your body starts adjusting to different environmental components, your skin could start reacting differently. Start by adding more antioxidants to your daily topical routine such as vitamins E and C to help protect and nourish your skin from free radical scavengers. This will help your natural barrier protection from potential allergens that are being released from blooming spring flowers and grasses this time of year. We love to keep the Linne refresh face mist on hand to spray throughout the day as a boost for the face with its calming and hydrating ingredients.

2. Get moving! Nothing helps boost your immunity more than a properly functioning lymphatic system. So we recommend getting a good sweat session on. Exercise helps pump out any lingering toxins in your lymphatic system and flushes them out through sweat. If you’ve been feeling sluggish with little to no energy, start by going to a Vinyasa class. The connection of breathwork and movement will get the stagnation out of your body and improve overall function of all your organs, including improving your digestion and getting your skin to glow.

3. Tune back into a morning routine. Shedding old habits of winter Netflix binges and daily take out can really help your overall immunity during the transition to spring. Take advantage of daylight savings time and rise with the sun for a meditative morning routine. Wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. to start your day with a little tongue scraping, warm water flush, and sun-soaked meditation. A favorite yogi, Kate Mulheron, teaches the ritual of connecting with nature to ground oneself first thing in the morning. A favorite ayurvedic teacher, Julie Bernier, also suggests trying what’s called a “golden hour” in the morning, which is basically an hour of screen-free time for yourself and/or for you and your partner before starting your day. Reconnecting with yourself and setting a grounding morning routine will help you shift away sluggish winter woes and ease you into the bright springtime season in the most rejuvenating way.

These are some simple and immediately rewarding Skin Food Talk suggestions for rejuvenating your self care practices for the spring season. If you’d like to learn more visit our website at and download our Edition 1 - Honor ebook to learn how to honor yourself from the inside out. Our next LA-based event will also be at WMN space on Thursday May 4th. Hope to see you there! 


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