How to Glow from the Inside out with Hayley Roy

  • Hayley Roy
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With so many skincare options available on the market nowadays, it can be difficult to navigate them all and determine what works for each individual. Part of my protocol in my facial practice is to assess all areas of health in order to get to the root of a skin problem. Most people may not realize that skin is a reflection of health, and when you tune into that, you can solve a lot of issues with the right foods, supplemental support and self-care. Here are my suggestions on how to get glowing from the inside out.

1. Start your day off with lots of antioxidants. 

When I structure a regimen, I always recommend that my clients apply their antioxidants in their morning routine as it helps strengthen skin cells against the oxidative stress from free radicals in our environment. In addition to adding antioxidants topically, you can also in-take them internally to support your organs and reduce the likelihood of inflammation. A berry-rich smoothie, matcha or vitamin c supplement are great ways to boost your morning routine with extra protection.

2. Adaptogens are your friend. 

I have been using adaptogens for a few years now and have noticed such a difference in how I feel and what my skin looks like. Adaptogens are natural substances considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. They adapt to each season and environment so they can have that same effect on your system. Some of my favorites are Ashwagandha for stress relief and immunity support, Pearl to fortify your skin by rebuilding loss collagen and amino acids, He Shou Wu for hormonal balance and liver support and Gotu Kola for minimizing scar tissue. Some great blends are Beauty Dust by Moon Juice and Beauty Potion by Pure-Potions.

3. Reduce intake of inflammatory foods. 

If your skin is looking red and inflamed, the number one thing I recommend is reducing inflammatory foods in your diet. First to go should be processed foods and sugar. Then dairy and gluten which are often a huge culprit to inflammation and discomfort in our skin. Visiting your local farmer’s market and asking the local vendors what is in season will help give you an education on what will be a replacement for on-the-go processed foods. It’s also a really great way to support a local business and experience foods that may not be available at a bigger grocery store.

Overall, it is important to know that everything in our health can be supported by the right foods. I consider eating well to be the ultimate form of self care. Your skin will only reflect the benefits of that self love.

Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Roy’s love affair with skin care and all things beautiful started at a very young age. Having struggled with acne and other maladies since age 10, she educated herself early on about healing inflammatory conditions from the inside out.

After receiving her license in Esthiology in 2006, Hayley delved into the skincare industry with a love for holistic health care, a need for constant education/growth, and most importantly, an open heart.

Based in Los Angeles, she treats clients from all parts of the country using solely green beauty products and striving to educate on sustainable, eco-conscious choices. Hayley also co-founded Skin Food Talk, a conversation on how to get glowing from the inside out, with her business partner and friend, holistic nutritionist Tara Curran