‘Find Your Line’ in this ‘Crazy Thing Called Life’ with Après Coaching’s Founder Joni Madere

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Joni Madere is helping others to help themselves by taking back the power of the mind, the body, and this crazy thing called life through her business, Après Coaching. Her coaching service curates optimal human performance and stunningly fulfilling lifestyles through a collective of coaches that are custom paired with clients. Drawing inspiration from flow-finding action sports like snowboarding and surfing, and practicing yoga, she has found the sweet spot of well being through a steady rhythm of effort and ease. We were thrilled to catch up with Joni to learn more about her lifestyle, coaching practice, vision, and how she lives yoga with breath, movement and passion.

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YogaToday: Hi Joni! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Joni Madere: I am just a girl from South Louisiana who made her way to the beauty of Jackson Hole and the Pacific Coast while climbing mountains, riding waves, and co-conspiring with awesome folks like the team at YogaToday along the way.

As far as my career, I have worked within several startups since 1998 across several industries as: fashion brand partner, wine industry marketing consultant, certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher, and most recently, founder of Après Coaching.

More recently, I earned certifications from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and YogaWorks which moved me into a wellness career working with private yoga clientele and health coaching corporate clients such as groups from Merrill Lynch and The American Heart Association. I am currently moving through another related and quite progressive program with focus on optimal performance. I continue to weave my purpose of supporting people in reclaiming the power of their minds and bodies into my business, Après Coaching, which connects holistic health, life, and business coaches with clients.

I have always been led by my passion for living life on my own terms. My constant thirst for knowledge and love of creating along with taking a lot of chances have allowed me to work with and learn from a highly successful crew of inspirational mavericks plus a few renegades along the way. Through immense side-study and self-study, I have learned that being driven by freedom gives me gifts that I can transfer to all realms of life.

YT: How does your yoga practice help you find freedom?

JM: I cannot say enough about yoga and specifically the component of connecting breath with movement. Asana, the physical practice, is of course the gateway to much more, but it is so exciting to see what asana alone can do! And it is even more exciting that in recent years science is proving that the deep yogic breath connected with movement (keeping specific to this component for this conversation) allows us to transcend whatever is going on in our lives, as it literally shifts our neurochemistry; therefore, shifting our brains, our thoughts, our minds, and our many patterns to allow for change. It is truly an integrative and whole-system experience. This absolutely does not happen overnight, but with a regular practice in place, it can and will happen. When we begin to create change, we also begin to move toward what we want, toward our purpose, and with that progression we simply feel more alive. We feel more rooted in love, and love is the only way forward. It’s the only way to progress. With progression, we are ultimately on the road to freedom. Editor's note: Take a leaf from Joni's book and try this meditation to embody unconditional love.

YT: You have taken and been featured in numerous YogaToday classes, what have you received from your experience of working with so many different teachers?

JM: I love that every single time you take a class with a different teacher, there is always something you can take away. Even if it’s a teacher or a class you didn’t necessarily love, there is always an alignment cue, a thread from the philosophy, or even just a smile you can put in your back pocket for future reference. At YogaToday, I love the variety and depth of experience the teachers offer, especially given you guys are one of the forerunners of online yoga, and we are all now 10 years for the better! From practices rooted in AshtangaIyengar, and Kundalini to both traditional sequencing and more creative sequencing, as well as new teachers who teach all over the world, there really is something for everyone. Also, there is the quality of production and the ever-inspiring backdrop of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

*You will find Joni in many of our classes, including: Be FearlessThe Energy Balancing Series, and Get Inverted. Practice with her any time!

Behind the scenes with Joni and Grace. Try this class, "Get Hip to Twist," today!

YT: Any funny memories/anecdotes from behind the scenes filming with YT that you would like to share?

JM: Ah too many! We have certainly had fun and games and shenanigans for days on set, and I can’t imagine working for this long with any other crew. It is truly family on so many levels. From dogs chasing drones to incredible wild beauty of horses practically kissing Neesha mid-class to super pro, constant direction, cues, and funnies from Rich and Kim, we’ve survived hilarious potty humor, torrential downpours, hurricane style winds, unexpected freezing temps, and jumped through many a hoop to make it all happen. Nothing but positive vibes, endless laughs and high fives are what truly brings it all to life.

P.S. Bring back the bloopers cut!!

YT: In Adi’s Renewal Series, she talks about the importance of building a steady and sustainable practice. How have you approached making your yoga “sustainable,” and your effort steady?

JM: A yoga practice is ever evolving and ever changing to support us as we continually grow, change, and evolve. My practice, asana and otherwise, has gone from initially sporadic to daily and very intense for many years to now much more humble and forgiving of both my physical body and what I need to keep myself grounded each day. I am curious as to what’s next! I do believe that a daily practice of some sort is of utmost importance. Following the eight limbs of yoga, we must move through each limb in order to arrive prepared for the next. At least that is what my personal experience is teaching me. So to arrive at a steady and sustainable practice, for me, it must be just that — steady, regular, and with effort; sustainable, supportive, and with ease. Much like a specific pose, there must be work, but then there is the point where the work is released, and we breathe and find freedom. One of the core principles of yoga, sthira-sukha (or sthira-sukham asanam), is what I understand Adi is referencing — effort and ease. We are engaged, yet relaxed. A pose is engaged while simultaneously releasing. Our practice then becomes steady, yet sustainable. Practice too engaged, too hard, too much and you may end up injured or simply drained. The practice is not designed to leave you feeling like you just had the hardest workout of your life. It is designed to leave you feeling energized, at ease, and supported as you walk off of your mat with the ability to carry that easy, yet engaged, sense of being into daily life.

YT: What inspired you to start health coaching?

JM: As a lifelong athlete with experiences ranging from competitive childhood gymnastics to a ski town lifestyle of snowboarding, trail running, mountain biking, plus photography and art, then later yoga, meditation, and surfing, I always naturally gravitated toward being aware of how these things simply made me feel better. This path also granted me the tools necessary to discover connecting with the self in order to trust my intuition. Raised to function independently from a young age, I eventually found that finding support through teachers, coaches, or mentors could go a long way. And while I kind of just figured out a lot on my own, I also realized I could perhaps use some assistance in tweaking some areas for the better. We are all handed different paths, and I began to notice with my own self-awareness that I became much more aware of others and their places in life as well, and that the ability to both listen and share my knowledge of holistic health and the kind of support that coaching offers was something that could bring others to a brighter more fulfilling place as well. Simply, or not so simply, initially shifting consumption of food/drink and then eventually broadening out to all realms of life ultimately improving a person’s holistic health is extremely gratifying for coach and client. It’s a win-win. Again, much like with practicing yoga, we arrive at a place where our body and what we feed it and how we nurture it can truly affect our mind and overall sense of well being, purpose, and therefore happiness.

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YT: We want to hear about your latest start up business, Après Coaching. And we are curious — why the name Après ?

JM: The mission of Après Coaching is to connect holistic health coaches, life coaches, and business coaches to motivated individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations. We help others to help themselves by taking back the power of the mind, the body, and this crazy thing called life.

“Après” because “after” coaching you find your line. Honestly, if you are able to stand out of ego enough, you likely already have your line, yet are open to the fact that there is still more to learn, more to tweak, and more to gain by working with a coach . Coaching is moreso about moving from good to great or from great to straight up awesome. Not necessarily for anyone else to see or admire, but for you to find your own freedom, whatever that might look like. It is truly up to you to design your life. Coaches are there to inform you, to guide you, to hold you accountable, to tweak your efforts in the coolest ways in order for you to take yourself to your next level and your next, next level. From peak performance to peak-to-peak performance.

“Après” because we firmly believe in lifestyle. “Après” is a nod to après-ski … going outside, flying down mountains, moving our bodies to stimulate our minds, and then enjoying gathering together afterwards to celebrate, as holistic health includes not only having, but sharing, super awesome experiences.

YT: What is one step that you are taking this year to renew and “find your line” in this “crazy thing called life”?

JM: I am diving into another progressive course of action as we speak. Actually one which is challenging me, holding me accountable, includes risk just like jumping into a steep chute snowboarding; therefore reward being the outcome of my current points of focus, just like dropping into bottomless powder and nailing the run. The accountability is massive and I, after cultivating much self-awareness thanks to a yoga practice, am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to continue to progress. While all coaches must work with coaches, sometimes I also incorporate a different experience as another layer of challenge. When we challenge ourselves, I think we “renew” in that we give ourselves an opportunity to start over, begin again, come back again with a beginner’s mind in tact, which allows for progress and with progression we “find our line” or find another line, and that just makes this crazy life all the more enjoyable, right?!

YT: Thank you Joni! It's been a joy to catch up with you. We are excited to see where your "line" takes you!


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