Close-Up with Health Coach Tara Curran: Travel, Balance, + Her Perfect Friday Night

  • Brit Hastings
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Photo: Dain Ning

Meet Tara Curran, a willowy, Los Angeles-based holistic nutritionist with a secret smile and superwoman mission. She travels from coast to coast for her clients and speaking engagements, not to mention the wellness programs that she curates for hotels such as The Surf Lodge and Morgans Group Hotels. As the co-creator of Skin Food with friend and Holistic Aesthetician Hayley Roy, she is starting the conversation about natural approaches to beauty and health. Tara believes that health conscious living can be sustainable and easily attained through strategic, creative and personalized ways. In her practice, Tara's objective is to enrich everyday life through health & wellness. We were lucky enough to catch up with this glowing gal to learn more about how she navigates healthy, conscious living – with style!

YogaToday: You are part of the wellness scene on both the East and West coast, how has traveling between these two healthy living hotspots informed your approach to coaching?

Tara Curran: Thankfully we are seeing a big movement around wellness in NY and LA. New workout studios, healthy eats, wellness events, green beauty stores and more. However there is also a lot of temptation and each city can keep one with an extra busy schedule. Going between both cities has taught me how to look for balance, both with healthy food choices, exercise, self care, work and fun. And that’s the approach I take in my practice. I want to make health achievable for everyone. I try to get to know a client’s lifestyle and find the best ways for them to fuel their mind, body and soul wherever they may be.

YT: With a background in advertising and fashion, you have experience in fast-paced and competitive environments where comparison can be a real head game. The yoga industries are certainly not immune to marketing dollars either. How do you stay centered and confident amidst air brushed Instagram accounts and messages about what health should look like?

TC: I believe that health is not one shape, size or color. To me it's about how you feel on the inside. I’ve only come to understand this through working on myself and talking with others. Staying centered in the age of social media is not an easy task and I am still working on this. I think one can get there though and surrounding yourself with positive influences and self care can help that.

YT: In what ways have your coaches and mentors helped you make progress in your life? What do you aim to give to your clients?

TC: Thanks to friends, coaches and mentors I have been able to come into my own skin with confidence. It has not been easy but I have learned tools from each teacher, sought out help and continue to do so every day. In my coaching practice and when I curate events I hope to leave people with at least one new “tool” they can have to use in finding balance in life.

YT: Your perfect Friday night includes…?

TC: Getting into nature, whether it be going to a beach, or finding a hike off the beaten path.

YT: Even when you are at your busiest, what are one or two health non-negotiables for you?

TC: Exercise, a healthy breakfast and coconut oil!

YT: What kind of yoga and exercise do you enjoy?

TC: I love Vinyasa; in LA I typically practice on my own or at a studio that has vinyasa classes in a heated room. I am also obsessed with The Class by Taryn Toomey, it's a mind, body, soul workout. 

YT: Thank you Tara! And for our readers who would like to learn more from Tara, be sure to check out her previous articles: 

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