All Day Clarity, Energy, and Vitality

  • Hannah Aylward
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The Perfect Breakfast for All Day Clarity, Energy and Vitality

By Hannah Aylward


Breakfast can get tricky. We are constantly bombarded with different opinions on what we should be eating. Most “healthy” cereals, energy bars and yogurts contain as much sugar as a soda, leaving our blood sugar spiked high and our energy crashing low. The key to having a healthy day is setting up yourselffor success early on with a proper breakfast.


Most of us are multi-taskers, trying to juggle family, friends, work, fun and self-care. We simply don’t have the time to feel bad. We also don’t have hours to spend making a healthy breakfast for ourselves and families every morning. This is where the Morning Power Smoothie comes in. I make some variation of this smoothie every morning. This smoothie is easy, quick, nutrient-dense, fiber-filled, protein-packed and loaded with good quality energy to keep us full and fueled until lunch. And it is delicious!



fiber · protein · healthy fat · greens · anti-inflammatories · hydrating liquid base


We want these ingredients in our bodies first thing because they will keep us hydrated, healthy, satiated and full of energy until our next meal (that, let's face it, we may be eating while working at our desk or running to a meeting).


Feel free to play around with the ingredients a bit to fit your needs, just make sure to stick to the foundation above. You can switch up the liquid, greens, fiber, fruit and fat options to whatever suits your needs.


Note on Fruit:

Fructose is the sugar found in fruit. Fructose turns to fat faster than any other form of carbohydrate. When metabolized, fructose converts to an activated form of glycerol that is directly used to turn free fatty acids into triglycerides, or fat. Fruit can totally be enjoyed in small quantities, and in its whole form. When whole, not juiced, it still contains the fiber necessary to slow the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream. However, you don’t need fruit to make a delicious smoothie!



12 ounces - water/unsweetened almond milk/unsweetened coconut milk



one large handful of organic spinach and/or ⅓ c cauliflower



1/4 cup organic mixed berries (optional)



one serving of high-quality, plant-based protein - chocolate flavor (I like Vega, Sunwarrior and Tone it Up)



1-2 Tbs chia seed


1 Tbs almond butter


· 1 inch of ginger + 1 inch of turmeric

· dash of black pepper (helps the body properly absorb the curcumin in the turmeric)

· dash of cinnamon (for added blood sugar balance)


Add all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Add as much ice as need tofor your desired consistency. Top it with a few fun bonus ingredients. I love cacao nibs and a small handful of walnuts for some extra fiber and healthy fats. This also helps facilitate chewing, which is important for digestion, and leads to increased satiety.


Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Hannah Aylward

Hannah Aylward is a Certified Health Coach, nutrition consultant, fitness instructor, healthy living expert, and founder of HAN. She helps both men and women around the world lose weight, heal skin disturbances, balance hormones, heal gut imbalances and feel at home in their bodies through healthy eating, movement, mindfulness and positive self-talk. Her goal is to help others “learn the tools that they need to live the lives they deserve”. Get to know her by visiting her website and following her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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